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Amy Farrah-Fowler from The Big Bang Theory

It is possible to navigate a mismatched libido when both people are on board to negotiate

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Amy has finally found love … but can she navigate the significant mismatch in their libidos?

When one of you has a higher sex drive than the other, it can be challenging to balance one person’s needs without the other person feeling used or resentful.

Throughout The Big Bang Theory, we see this with Sheldon and Amy – in a turnabout on the cultural mythology that men always want more sex than women, Amy wants more physical touch and sexual play than Sheldon does. Throughout their relationship, they navigate this tension.

Nobody is wrong for having a higher or lower libido. But a mismatched libido can be a significant strain on even the most loving relationship … unless you are able to negotiate a solution that works for both of you.

Some couples may be able to do this themselves, others may need a neutral third party to help facilitate the conversation so it remains productive and non-accusatory.

"Being your girlfriend is so challenging. Emotionally. Physically. I've been incredibly patient for years."

Myth busting

MYTH: Men want sex all day every day, and women never want it

TRUTH: Lots of women have very high sex drives and lots of men have very low sex drives; from very low to very high is completely normal for people of all genders. Some people have no sex drive at all, which is also completely normal. The cultural mythology is rooted in the way we’ve been socialized based on gender, not any biological “truth.”

Get to know Amy

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