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It’s okay to have as much sex (of any kind) that appeals to you … as long as it’s sex you actually WANT!

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Fleabag has sex that she wants in the moment, but when it’s over she feels unfulfilled and empty … why?

If you’ve ever listened to Brene Brown, you’re probably familiar with the idea that our brains are wired for connection. But did you know we’re also wired for touch? In fact, when we don’t get enough touch over a period of time, the synapses in our brains begin to degrade. When a baby isn’t held enough, their brain doesn’t develop  the needed synapses for healthy development; and that deficiency can follow them throughout their life. These babies often stop growing, stop crying, and (in extreme cases) can even die.

Adults don’t outgrow the need for physical touch. We can fall into a state called touch hunger, causing a variety of symptoms including depression and anxiety.

Fleabag isn’t conscious of it, but she’s soothing her touch hunger by having sex she doesn’t desire, and with people she isn’t interested in.

The resources below will give you a great start on learning new behaviors. If you’d like to go deeper, I’m here to support you.

"I spent most of my adult life using sex to deflect from the screaming void inside my empty heart."

Myth busting

MYTH: Having casual sex with random people is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

TRUTH: There’s nothing wrong with having casual sex or sleeping with random people, as long as you feel good about the choices you’re making. 

Get to know Fleabag

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