Check out all the sex & relationship alter egos

It’s quite likely that you have aspects of more than one alter ego, so check them all out!

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Amy Farrah-Fowler from
The Big Bang Theory

has finally found love …
but can she navigate the significant mismatch in their libidos?

Devi Vishwakumar from
Never Have I Ever

thinks about sex ALL the time …
but can she have a healthy sexual relationship if she doesn’t learn to communicate?

Fleabag from

has sex that she wants in the moment, but when it’s over she feels unfulfilled and empty … why?


Georgia Byrd from
Last Holiday

Georgia believes she is destined to be invisible …
is it true?

Jane Villaneuva from
Jane the Virgin

is a highly sexual person …
but can she overcome the toxic after effects of Purity Culture?

Jessie from

is having great sex …
but will her overthinking sabotage her happiness?

Michelle Pierson from

loves her husband …
but can she stand a life where she knows every move he’s going to make before he makes it?

Nancy Stokes from
Good Luck To You Leo Grande

is ready for her sexual awakening …
but is she too old to start trying new things?

Nomi Marks from

is finally ready to be fully Nomi
but does she have to lose people she loves to be the truest version of herself?

Sabi Mehboob from
Sort Of

is craving love and connection …
but can they be truly happy if they give up their own needs in order to make others happy?