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Jane Villaneuva from Jane the Virgin

You are worth far more than a piece of used chewing gum!

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Jane is a highly sexual person … but can she overcome the toxic after effects of Purity Culture?

Purity Culture has done an immense amount of damage in our society. Chances are very good that you learned that your innate sexuality was a sin in and of itself. Women have to be careful to not “lead men into sinful thoughts.” Men have to be careful to avoid any exposure to anything that could be deemed pornography, or they get labeled as a “porn addict.” Queer and gender variant people learned that hiding those truths about themselves (and sometimes even from themselves) were essential to their survival.

Presumably if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve made your way out or are thinking about leaving. Congratulations!

Here’s the wrinkle: Just because you’ve left Purity Culture doesn’t mean it has left you.

But here’s the exciting part: Now you get to pull apart all those old messages and start learning who you really are and what you really want. If you’d like a companion and guide through that journey, I’m here to support you.

"That's what happens when you lose your virginity. You can never go back."

Myth busting

MYTH: You will be forever marked by what you’ve done in the past.

TRUTH:What you’ve done in the past has no moral value. It is experience that you learned from. And now you get to have new experiences!

Get to know Jane

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