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Michelle Pierson from Togetherness

Michelle loves her husband … but can she stand a life where she knows every move he’s going to make before he makes it?

It’s a tale as old as time: the sex is great at the beginning, so you assume it will be great forever. Then life happens – work, kids, family obligations, community functions – and you stop prioritizing sex. You get stuck in a rut. Or maybe the sex wasn’t great at the beginning, but you assumed that it would get better over time because “practice makes perfect.” But that hasn’t panned out.

It’s especially confusing when you love everything else about your partner and your relationship, but the sex leaves you cold. So now you’re stuck – you don’t want to leave, but you can’t imagine being this mind-numbingly bored in bed for the rest of your life. 

The idea of bringing this up with your partner probably seems absolutely impossible – you don’t want to upset them or destabilize all the things that are working in your relationship. You might even fear that asking for what you want could blow up your relationship. Here’s the good news: your partner WANTS you to be happy. They WANT you to be satisfied. And if you’re not, they can probably feel it but aren’t sure how to talk about it either.

So I’m going to give you some resources that help you begin the conversation – and if you think these conversations would be easier with a mediator who can help you from getting tied up in knots, I’m here when you’re ready.

"When Brett and I have sex, I know what the sex is gonna be: neck kissing, boob grab, genital touching,"

Myth busting

MYTH: Bringing up my dissatisfaction will blow up my relationship

TRUTH: There are ways to approach the conversation that allow you to enter a new phase of sexual exploration and excitement with your partner without having to blow anything up. Drop your email below to get a conversation guide that will usher you through the process.

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