Your sex & relationship alter ego is:

Nancy Stokes from Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

Nancy is ready for her sexual awakening … but is she too old to try new things?

Nancy has endured three decades of boring, unfulfilling sex. As a 60-something widow she’s finally ready to let her hair down and discover what everyone’s been making such a big deal about.

But she’s also afraid that she might have missed her chance. What if she’s too old and her body is too unattractive for anyone to find her desirable? 

Newsflash: It’s never too late to have a sexual awakening! 

The resources below will help you begin the journey. I’m here to support you if you would like someone to hold your hand as you begin putting them into practice.

"He would rub my shoulders and breasts a bit and then he would climb on top, do the business, kiss my cheek, roll off, put his pajamas on and get back to sleep."

Myth busting

MYTH: We all have a sell-by date, and once you pass it no one will ever look at you with desire again.

TRUTH: Thanks to seeing only a very narrow slice of body types in popular media, our brains have been trained to believe that anyone who doesn’t fit those stereotypes – young, thin, symmetrical, big boobs, usually white, often blonde – is automatically undesirable and shouldn’t ever bother having sex again. That rules out approximately 99% of the population! But people of all types keep having sex, so clearly someone is out there desiring the rest of us.

There is someone who wants what you have to offer – your age, experience, and body will even be a bonus for the right person! And I have lots of personal experience to back that up ::wink wink::

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