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Nomi Marks from Sense8

You deserve to be free and surrounded by people who love and support you

Get to know Nomi

Nomi is finally ready to be fully Nomi
but why does she have to lose people she loves to be the truest version of herself?

Let’s get one thing straight: Nomi Marks is a badass. No matter what life throws at her – from her family’s struggles accepting her true gender to dealing with shady underworld organizations – she keeps pushing forward.

Nomi’s inner strength and unyielding spirit are like a magnet, attracting people who truly see her for who she is. She’s got a loving support system that recognizes her authenticity.

But here’s the thing: that self-assuredness doesn’t always sit well with everyone. There are those who’d prefer Nomi to fit into their idea of “normal.” They want her to conform – to look, act, and live according to their expectations.

Sound familiar? If you’re here, chances are you’ve got some judgmental folks in your life too. Or maybe you’re holding back on revealing your true self because you’re afraid of their reactions.

Below are resources that can help you define how you want to be treated by those judgmental folks. And if you’d like more targeted support, I’m here to be your sounding board: to help you set boundaries that work for you, and guide you in sharing them with love and meaning.

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"The real violence ... is the violence we do to ourselves when we're too afraid to be who we really are."

Myth busting

MYTH: I can only show up as my true self if the important people in my life accept me.

TRUTH: Pretending to be someone you aren’t is hell on your mental health. You deserve better. Consider this: if people can’t accept your truest self … maybe they don’t deserve to be part of your inner circle.

Get to know Nomi

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