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Mommies Tell All – April 8, 2020

Join The Bachelor‘s Carly Waddell and Jade Roper as they dish about motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, relationships and today’s pressing women’s issues. They laugh and cry about every female topic from pregnancy sex to postpartum depression.

➡️ Leah talks with Jade and Carly about getting exactly what you want from your partner and how to really communicate your true needs.

Marriage and Martinis – January 18, 2021

Marriage and Martinis is an attempt to present a real, authentic marriage at its core: the love, hate, teamwork, struggles, laughter, humiliation, and ever-changing dynamics that comprise spousal relationships. 

➡️ So many of us are feeling like we have hit the “pandemic wall.” Sex and intimacy coach Leah Carey helps us understand what baby steps we can take to bring that connection back, and try to keep the frustration and distance we feel with our partners down to a minimum until life resumes as we once knew it (or as close to that as possible). We discuss how medication, alcohol, job loss, and monetary worries are all affecting people’s sex drive. (More Marriage & Martinis appearances below!)



In light of the outcry of women on their safety and issues around sexual exploitation of women across the world, this episode emphasises on the importance of establishing a sex positive culture, where women’s sexual rights and freedoms are celebrated, not oppressed.

➡️ We women have all seen, heard of, or experienced sex negative relationships, where the sexualities of women are not respected, prioritised or just not acknowledged entirely. This sex negativity can, and in many cases has, build up into a hostile and abusive environment, with women reduced to sex objects for the pleasure of their partners (who tend to be men).

Leah Carey tried to be a “good girl” for decades before waking up sexually in her early 40s. She had a rough childhood.

➡️ Her dad was an alcoholic and emotionally abused Leah and her mom. He spoke to Leah sexually about her body and told her she was fat and ugly. Later he said he was going to lock her in her room until she was 30 and break the kneecaps of any boy who showed interest in her. This combination of verbal abuse and protectiveness led her to feel confused.

The Mourning Meeting will talk about how to best support young adults while also taking care of our own mental health.

➡️ We talk about some of the issues college students are currently having regarding staying connected others, both emotionally and physically. We explore ways to get physical touch needs met in the middle of a pandemic as well as COVID-safe (or COVID-safer) sex practices. We also talk about grief and libido and we explore the changes to libido after a death experience.


What if sharing stories not to be defined by them, but to set them free, opens us up to reclaim and embrace ALL that we are! When Women Speak… anything could happen!

➡️ In this episode as well as sharing her own stories, Leah speaks to some of the reasons sex can be more complicated than it need be and what can happen when rather than having open communication we default to our conditioned ways of behaving in regards to sex and intimacy.

We are living history. Join Veronica Kirin as she documents what this paradigm shift means in the past, present, and future, for a book for future generations.

➡️ Leah talks about her initial frustration with Oregon’s Governor, the surreal experience she had at her favorite establishment once it re-opened, and how the Black Lives Matter movement has been helped by the pandemic. Interviewed 7 July 2020. To do your own “Stories of COVID” interview, go here.

Challenging dating stereotypes, celebrating female empowerment, and encouraging emotional exploration

➡️ Hannah & Meg chat with Leah about gender stereotypes, sexuality and how to figure out what you want (and ask for it)!

Let’s find out what happens when we stop being normal and start being real.

➡️ “Leah really approaches sexual experiences and communication as another area where you can learn how to stand up as the worthy person you are and determine the kind of life you want, in this case, the kind of sex-life you want.”

It’s ok to be a Bad Girl, just be good at it!

➡️ Leah talks with Nikki and Evan about how to ask for what you really want.

The dating positivity podcast.

➡️ Have you struggled being alone during lockdown?  Have you felt more anxious, maybe a little depressed because of this sudden loneliness? You could have been experiencing something called ‘Touch Hunger’.

There are negative side effects that come with not having physical contact for a while and this week, Leah is giving advice on how to create short term relationships to prevent Touch Hunger.

Wild and Precious Conversations takes a weekly theme related to you as hero of your one story, and invites a guest to share their expertise and experience with you.

➡️ We discuss the importance of relationship, of being vulnerable, of working through the difficult moments to get to the good stuff and how everyone is better off when we can take the time to have a healthy sexual relationship.

The Feminist AF podcast encourages women to be unapologetically themselves, to take up more space in the world, and to embrace being too much.

➡️ Jenny and Leah talk about embracing the word “feminist,” touch hunger, a positive sex image, shedding shame about women’s sexuality, and how to communicate what you really want in the bedroom.

Fat Girl Finds Love explores love of all kinds. Specifically fat love of all kinds. It’s stories of love, loss, and freedom. Finding power and losing it and finding it again. It’s about learning to trust deeply.

➡️ We talk about sex and love while living in a fat body. And Briana helps Leah work with her discomfort around the word “fat.”

The Joyful Courage Podcast is a place for inspiration, education and entertainment on the parenting journey. You are not alone.

➡️ We talk about tantric massage, consent, sex work, sex education in countries outside North America, post-partum sex and expectations, sex-positive parenting, touch deprivation, and more.

So how do you get your touch needs met when most of the population is under some sort of physical restriction or full-on quarantine?

➡️ Humans are meant to connect. To be touched. To form relationships. When that doesn’t happen, there’s a real negative physical impact to a person. So how do you get that need met when most of the population is under some sort of physical restriction or full on quarantine?

Leading With Your Gut features individuals who share stories and topics about embracing fear and having the courage to make intuitive gut decisions.

➡️ Jenna and Leah discuss quite a bit such as female body image, sexual abuse and trauma, the objectification of women, sexual shame and confusion, pleasure, dating for sex, tantric sex, female sexual repression, and sexual positivity.

Keep Calm and Mother On!

➡️ Tips for moms for surviving Coronavirus

The space between where you are now and where you want to be can feel daunting and lonely. This podcast is the remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.

➡️ In this episode we explore the power of pleasure, asking for what you want, and honoring what you need. Leah has a unique ability to discuss sensitive topics with candor, authenticity, and humor.

On the Brighter Side delivers tools, tips and strategies for success in life, marriage, health and business. Learn how to live your purpose and rock your life!

➡️ Monica and Leah discuss some common misconceptions and myths about sex and how to enjoy sexual intimacy in the different stages of our marriages, as newlyweds, after having children and beyond.

A podcast about being a fat girl in a not so fat-friendly world.

➡️ Leah talks about going to a nude resort in Jamaica for a week by herself.

This podcast is rooted in the belief that a positive mindset can improve every aspect of your life. We will focus on stories of personal growth, manifestation, combating limiting beliefs, and de-cluttering your life: Mentally and physically.

➡️ Is the one-night stand really as great as Hollywood makes it out to be? What dictates a good or bad one-night stand? And how soon is it okay to sleep with a new flame?

Exposing the threads of heroism stitching together the stories, creativity, and people we admire most. Hosted by singer/songwriter, teaching artist, and creative entrepreneur, Emily Ann Peterson. Her hope is that by listening to others search for and find their bravery, we will all find our own.

➡️ Leah and Emily discuss the importance of context to your sexual life, how Leah’s context defined her brave sexual journey and blossoming, and other lovely tidbits that you will really appreciate.

Each week, Liz Carlile interviews revolutionary authors, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, life coaches, and spiritual gurus. As experts in their perspective fields, each guest is asked to share key insights from their unique life experience and provide golden takeaways so that you can live your best life.

➡️ From spanking, to porn, to simply figuring out what turns you on, this episode is for anyone looking to spice things up and have your best sex yet!

You are a mother of a high school student, and you are freaking out about the empty nest ahead. Together we will channel your freaking out energy into freaking awesome energy!

➡️ Leah’s “quick tip” for re-establishing intimacy begins at 9:57.

A podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself. Eve Simon and Sacha Cohen dive into all of the things that matter the most to our generation. Everyone has a GenX story. What’s yours?

➡️ Leah Carey shares her first kiss story.

Tatiana Berindei features prominent people in the field of human relationships, sexuality and women’s empowerment. This show tackles sex, love, creativity, the balance of the divine feminine and masculine, and – of course – super powers.

➡️ It is not only the bad girls who have all the fun! Good girls can also enjoy sex and intimacy with their partners. Leah and Tatiana talk about sex and intimacy for good girls.


Marriage and Martinis is an attempt to present a real, authentic marriage at its core: the love, hate, teamwork, struggles, laughter, humiliation, and ever-changing dynamics that comprise spousal relationships. Danielle and Adam continue their conversation with sexual communications coach, Leah, all about how couples can handle differing libidos, exhaustion, lack of orgasms, the need for sexual touch throughout the day, and so much more.

➡️ As the new year approaches, let’s make some resolutions that will really change our lives for the better: getting just a little bit braver talking to our partners about our sexual needs and desires.

Real stories of people living courageously. Each week Heather introduces you to a new guest who is moving beyond fear and doubt to achieve amazing things in life

➡️ We talk about the importance of continuing the discussion around all sexual experiences and looking at them through a completely nonjudgmental and non-shaming lens. We all have the right to explore every element of living a happy and healthy life – including sexually. We also talk about healing from trauma and growing stronger despite devastating setbacks.

You Mom Like this, I Mom Like That! We all mom differently but love our children the same. Lets talk about it!

➡️ We talk about how sexual relationships change after kids. Leah helps us explore the “why” behind the changes, including looking at how society has positioned women and how society has taught women what we can or cannot do and how we can or cannot behave, especially when it comes to our sexual identities. Leah also helps us cover the “whats” of the changes and how we can work on bringing our sex drive back — if that’s what you are looking for in this phase of your life.

A podcast for the millennial who is on the verge of actually adulting. But, is also super overwhelmed. How are you supposed to care about relationships, money, and EVERYTHING ELSE when you can’t even care for yourself?!

➡️ No one gives us roadmaps about having sex or being in a relationship. Leah wanted to close that gap by helping people communicate in something that is really hard to do (SEX!).

Nurturing Habit is a a bi-weekly show about the ways we nurture ourselves as whole women so we can live more complete and vibrant lives

➡️ We discuss some of the ways that you can get really clear about what kind of intimacy you want with your partner, no matter what season you are in, and how to find your voice to ask for it.

Life is a wild ride. It has twists and turns. It can be scary, exhilarating, and downright fun! So, throw your head back, arms in the air, and come along for the ride.

➡️ In this episode Lucie Q. and Leah discuss communicating our needs with our partners, the ever-so-complicated female orgasms (LOL!) and exploring our own sexual pleasure.

Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes. A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.

➡️ Christine and Leah discuss what turns in life led her from growing up in her “little girl body” and all that entails, to taking a “journey of sexual freedom” at 42 and changing her entire life around! Topics: women’s upbringing as care providers vs. asking for what you want, emotional abuse and self esteem, resilience and healing, healthy sexploration and pleasure, the power of internet friends, storytelling and judgment-free “TMI” conversations, privacy and so much more!!!

Have you ever asked the question, “Am I enough?” Our podcast helps you to find your “YES!” Each week, you’ll hear insights that will IN-POWER you to redefine what makes you enough so you can experience life and love in a brand new way.

➡️ Leah and Suzette talk about stigmas surrounding enjoying sex and why they should be removed; things we don’t want to admit to ourselves about our sexual desires; the limited and sometimes disingenuous information we’ve been fed about what normal sex looks like.

Marriage and Martinis is an attempt to present a real, authentic marriage at its core: the love, hate, teamwork, struggles, laughter, humiliation, and ever-changing dynamics that comprise spousal relationships.

➡️ Leah Carey is back by popular demand answering listener questions about dry spells, incompatible sexual preferences between partners, and how to achieve a bit more body confidence in the bedroom. Also, we follow up the “when I’m done I’m done” statement Adam so infamously made in the first conversation with Leah.

A podcast devoted to amplifying the voices of 40-something women and busting negative stereotypes along the way.

➡️ We talk about body neutrality, how we live in a sex negative society, and why it’s important to examine the messaging we received about sex in childhood.

The podcast for women who want to build an empire, change the world and raise babies that do the same! Unshaken Podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us!

➡️ Oh libido, where are you? Will you ever come back or are you gone forever!? Sex is a topic that still makes some of us cringe, but why? We believe it is because it isn’t talked about enough and there is some stigma around women talking about sex. We dive into low libido, foreplay, what gets us in the mood and more.

Audacious Mamas show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and they do! Join Steph as she interviews victorious moms juggling it all and sharing how their home life ties into their business. Learn tips and strategies on running your business and being as efficient as possible to free up your time while you grow your income.

➡️ We discuss coming of age in an emotionally abusive relationship and how that impacted Leah’s perspective on sex, her sexual choices, and shut her down from the experience of pleasure and voicing her desires.

Just a single girl trying to explore the how to’s and I do’s of the people around her. Does a good relationship still exist?

➡️ Leah talks about her “Freedom Tour” across the country to get her to where she is today. Leah has taken her life by the horns and found her own way to be comfortable in her skin day by day while helping others find their voice and body confidence!

A podcast exploring various aspects of natural living for a better quality of life.

➡️ Leah talks about the importance of sexual communication if you are single or married. I must say this was the most interesting podcast I have done and one that Randy and I had the most fun with.

A look at how to divorce happily and respectfully without destroying each other in the process! We talk about how to approach sex with a new partner after leaving a long-term relationship.

➡️ Leah and Jen talk about: how to start thinking about sex with a new partner after a divorce; how to use your previous relationship as a touchstone to learn about what you want and don’t want in the bedroom; why it’s important to have the conversation about what you want before having sex.

Comfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics with Debbie Roche.

➡️ Like most young girls, Leah was taught to “be a good girl”. Study hard, pay attention, get good grades, please other people before yourself, don’t talk about sex. It wasn’t until she embarked on a 1-year freedom tour where she had a “sexual revolution” that she discovered the power of talking about sex.

Bringing you a new word to help you get through the week ahead. Words matter! And so do you.

➡️ In her first appearance, Leah chats with Liz about growing up with language experts, and license plate Scrabble. Then Leah comes back to chat with Liz about her strongest memories of her mother. Grab a tissue, it’s a touching conversation!

Hosts Karyn Beach and Jean Day explore and entertain with a host of amazing guests. You want to talk about it, then we will and we’ll do it while having fun, getting a little feisty and living our fabulous!

➡️ In a relationship, two of the most difficult things to talk about are sex and money. We’ll talk about money later. We all bring our vulnerabilities and baggage into any discussion of sex and Leah says that is perfectly okay!

Marriage and Martinis is an attempt to present a real, authentic marriage at its core: the love, hate, teamwork, struggles, laughter, humiliation, and ever-changing dynamics that comprise spousal relationships.​ 

➡️ Leah Carey is helping us reclaim (or claim) our sexuality and helping us to understand that it’s never too late to start getting the greatest amount of sexual pleasure possible. At 42 years old, she realized the power of her sexual identity for the first time, and since then she has made it her mission for couples everywhere to start getting what they truly want in the bedroom, and making it an easier topic to discuss even for the most hesitant and introverted personalities. We ask her a bunch of listener questions and share stories about how we can all start getting the most satisfaction from our sexual experiences.

A podcast for introverts and homebodies to get out into the world and push their boundaries. Living a fulfilling life without having to change what’s fundamentally you.

➡️ How do you talk about sex when you’re an introvert?!?

On the Portland Story Theater stage at The Old Church Concert Hall for live storytelling, hosted by Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard

➡️ Removing the Blindfold – Leah talks about reclaiming her body through exploring her sexuality

Urban Tellers® Backstory features a story followed by an in-depth, unscripted interview with the storyteller

➡️ After a lifetime of being a “good girl”, this summer Leah Carey threw out all the rules and departed on a year-long road trip around the country, landing in Portland just in time to take the Art of Personal Narrative workshop with Portland Story Theater. Leah talks with Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard about how all along the way, she has been rediscovering her long-buried sense of fun, adventure, and sexuality.

On the Portland Story Theater stage at The Old Church Concert Hall for live storytelling, hosted by Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard

➡️ Good Girl Breaking Free – After a lifetime of being a “good girl”, this summer Leah threw out all the rules and departed on a year-long road trip around the country, landing in Portland just in time to take this class.