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Do you love them ENOUGH?!?

Here’s a question I’ve been grappling with lately in my relationship: Do I love him ENOUGH to believe he can handle the truth? Or am I “saving his feelings” because I believe he’s not strong enough?

Turn-ons aren’t just what happens in the bedroom

Those of us who were raised to nurture and take care of the needs of others can have a hard time figuring out what our own desires are, even when others ask. Today we talk about two things to think about if you’re having a hard time identifying your turn-ons.

Breast sensation (or – Why aren’t my boobs sensitive?)

All of our bodies are wired differently. For many years I worried that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t have sensation in my nipples, but it turns out that’s really common! If you have the same concern, this video is for you!

My favorite lube for extremely sensitive skin

I’ve had several conversations recently with women who are having a hard time finding lube that works for them. It’s a dilemma I’m intimately familiar with – I’ve had to…

Not connecting OUTSIDE the bedroom?

Recently a woman told me that she’s feeling disconnected from her husband in the bedroom because she’s having a hard time at work and he’s not there for her emotionally…