Mom, I’m trans – The first conversation

“I’m happy for him and terrified of handling this badly.” Tips on navigating the early conversations when a child (or other loved one) comes out to you as trans.

Removing the blindfold

Live storytelling and the dangers of writing about sexuality in today’s world…

Am I a lesbian?

What does it mean when the person you’re sexually attracted to isn’t the same as the person you want to spend your life with?

A Game of Sexual Scientist

Any time someone asked “What do you like?” I felt stupid and inadequate. It was embarrassing. Once again, I was convinced of my brokenness.

Tolerating does not lead to pleasure

I tolerated sex I didn’t want so I could get the cuddling I desperately craved. I believed that if I wanted something, I needed to tolerate anything the other person wanted in order to get a small portion of what I wanted.

#Resist – A tiny radical gesture

When sharing our stories until we bleed doesn’t move the needle, what do we do? This weekend I discovered that radical resistance starts at home.

You mean I CAN SAY THAT?!?!

  Welcome to my bright and shiny new home!  In fact, it’s so new that I haven’t painted the walls or gotten any furniture yet.  It’s sort of like our…