• If you are bored by the sex you’re having (or nervous about the sex you’re NOT having!) I’m here to help.
  • If you used to rock it between the sheets, but now you feel stale and uninspired, I’m here to help.
  • If you never learned how to access your sense of sexuality – and the older you get, the more impossible it feels – I’m here to help.
  • If your libido is radically different from your partner’s and you’re not sure how to bridge the gap, I’m here to help.
  • If you want more joy, fun, and passion in your sex life, I’m here to help.
  • If you want to talk about sex with someone who will help you see yourself as whole and lovable (despite what anyone else may have told you), who will cheer you on to discovering your pleasure, and who will never, ever judge you, I’M HERE TO HELP.

I have been through the fire and come out the other side. Now I’m here to walk with you as you do the same.

I will help you take a stand for yourself, your desires, and YOUR PLEASURE.

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Coaching by text message
    • 4 weeks of text coaching through Slack or WhatsApp with daily check-ins and chats, journal/thinking prompts, and other conversation
    • Access to me 5 DAYS A WEEK so you can share and troubleshoot issues AS THEY’RE HAPPENING
    • Deep-dive 20-minute video chats available, as needed, at $50 per session

Package prices start at $600 for 4 weeks.


Small group coaching
    • 90-minute sessions via Zoom weekly for five weeks
    • Personalized coaching for each participant in every session
    • Personalized exercises each week for every participant based on your needs
    • Weekly educational videos
    • Group chat between sessions
    • Maximum of six people per group

Many of my clients have the MOST movement when they do this work in small groups. It’s one thing to hear from a single coach that you’re totally normal and not alone; it’s a completely different thing to hear a chorus of your peer’s voices telling you that they understand you and have felt the same way.

Plus you might meet your new best friends and truest support system. It’s an incredibly warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere where you can get a TON of work done over the course of just 5 weeks.

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Group coaching prices start at $500 for 5 weeks.


Deluxe 1-on-1 coaching
    • Six 50-minute sessions by phone or Zoom
    • Text access five days a week

Limited availability.  People who have already done group coaching or coaching by text with me get access to these slots first.

Package prices start at $2000 for 6 sessions to be completed within 12 weeks.



Give me a little information about yourself by filling out the form below (or email me directly at Leah@LeahCarey.com), and I’ll get in touch to set up a Discovery Call.

The Discover Call is a free, no-obligation 15-minute Zoom chat to talk about your needs and if we’re a good fit for each other.