Before you try something new, DO THIS

You’ve had a conversation with your partner about trying a new sex adventure and it went well – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m super excited for you!

Before you jump directly into the deed, though, it’s a really good idea to have a conversation about the specifics of what you want to do and how you want to do it. Sometimes people use the same words to mean different things, and it’s not until someone has had their feelings hurt that you realize you weren’t exactly on the same page.

It’s like when you say, “I’ve got my class tonight, would you do the dishes?” In your mind, it’s obvious that this means to load the dishwasher, run it, and put the clean dishes away. But when you get home you discover that your partner interpreted “do the dishes” to mean rinse off the dirty dishes and stick them in the dishwasher without running it. Same words, different interpretations … leading to irritation, resentment, and fights.

Let’s circumvent that whole drama, shall we? Let’s have the necessary conversation up front to make sure that when you say, “I’d like to try spanking,” you both know what that means: Who is doing the spanking and who is receiving it? How hard? With a hand or with an implement? Is it playful swatting or are you playing out a “discipline” scene?

You could each use the word “spank” to mean two TOTALLY different things.

This conversation guide is designed to help you sort out the details so you can both have a great time!

Your purchase also includes the companion “Negotiate a new sexual adventure” workbook, which will walk you and your partner step-by-step through the process of getting clear so you can get sexy!