Are you ready to regain sexual sensation?

I spent SO.MANY.YEARS. thinking I was broken. I didn’t feel anything during sex (except for the times when it hurt.) I certainly didn’t feel the 🍾🌟🎉 other women talked about.⠀

It turns out I wasn’t broken.

But I’d had so much painful and unpleasant sex that I learned to disconnect from my body during sex.⠀

It wasn’t until I started re-engaging with my body that I started feeling sexual sensation – and even pleasure! It didn’t happen all at once, but IT DID HAPPEN! 💥💥⠀

If you want to try one of the exercises I used to reconnect with my body (it’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require a partner), the 🌼 Sensational Body Scan 🌼 is for you!