Tune In To Your Turn Ons

Because KNOWING what you want is the first step to GETTING what you want!

"I wish my partner would touch me differently"

Have you ever thought this?  Most of us have.

Or maybe: I thought sex was supposed to be more fun than this?

Or: Where has the magic gone?

But it feels impossible to talk to a partner (or potential partner) about what we want because — well, how do you ask for something when you’re not even sure how to describe what you want?

It’s time to change all of that!

"What is this sorcery?"

Think back to the sex ed you got in school (if you even got any!)  You probably heard that boys get erections and ejaculate, and girls get periods and suffer.  You probably heard that boys are horny animals and it’s the girl’s job to tame him so she doesn’t get pregnant.

Where in that messaging is there any room for OUR desires?  For OUR pleasure?

Short answer: There’s not.  (Not to mention that it completely ignored anything non-hetero-normative!) Which is why so many of us have spent our sexual lives focused on pleasing and satisfying our partners without stopping to think about what might turn US on.

Recently I worked with a woman who has been having trouble connecting with her husband sexually since their toddler was born.  When we switched the focus from how she can take care of HIM better and started focusing on what turns HER on, not only was she able to communicate and connect in the bedroom for the first time in ages with her husband, there were even broader benefits.

She said: “We’ve been more in sync and working together in all areas. What is this sorcery?! 😂”

In this masterclass we cover...

** This masterclass is geared to the experience of those of us who grew up in little girl bodies and uses gendered language, but the strategies are applicable to all genders.

You'll finish feeling

more confident in yourself and your sexuality because you KNOW WHAT YOU WANT
~ and ~
ready to rekindle the connection you’ve been missing in your bedroom

Who is this for?

Included in the Tune In To Your Turn Ons package are: