When I began my sexual journey, I wanted to jump in with both feet and try EVERYTHING, all at once. But as enthusiastic as I was, I immediately encountered a major obstacle : fear.

And not the kind where you can “feel the fear and do it anyway.” It was pure terror. I was paralyzed.  I felt trapped inside a soul that wanted to fly but was afraid of heights.

I said to a wise friend, “I want to do and try everything! I want to be BRAVE!” And she asked,

Rather than trying to do it all at once, what would it look like to be just 5% braver?

That permission – to take small (even teeny-tiny) steps – was the key to knocking down the fear and putting me into action.

Week by week, I kept expressing 5% more of my curiosity. Eventually taking small risks became easier and my tolerance for taking bigger risks grew. I discovered a kind of freedom I had never felt before – not only with sexuality, but in every part of my life.

This group is designed to help you be 5% BRAVER at expressing sexuality and sensuality in your life.

And that will look different for everyone…

…if you want to get comfortable experiencing your sensuality but aren’t sure you’re “allowed”, we’ll help you get there 5% at a time.

…if you’re in a long-term relationship with acceptable sex, but you’re yearning for something new and don’t know how to ask, we’ll help you find your way 5% at a time.

…if you haven’t had sex in years and aren’t sure how to broach the topic of condoms or STIs with a potential lover, there’s a 5% journey for you too.

No matter your situation and your story, if you want to be even 5% BRAVER in your sex life and expressing your sensuality, there is a space for you in this group.

We’ll meet by phone for 90 minutes once a week for seven weeks. There will be a secret Facebook group where you can share and support each other between calls.

The group will be limited to six women so there’s plenty of space for everyone to get focused attention on every call. You’ll have the benefit of my coaching, as well as building a community of women to support you in your continued journey of brave ass-ery.

This is an LGBTQ+ friendly space.



This program is for you if:

  • you are longing for more satisfaction in your current sex life;
  • you are seeking more intimacy with your current partner;
  • you are yearning for confidence in attracting potential sex partners;
  • you are interested in taking small risks, knowing that a group of people are supporting you and holding your hand, to improve your experience of sex;
  • you are willing to show up and be vulnerable inside the coaching group.
This program is NOT for you if:

  • you are in a long-term relationship that includes addiction, violence, anger issues, or other toxic behavior – those behaviors need to be dealt with before you address sex;
  • you have sexual trauma issues that are impeding your ability to participate in sex – please seek out a traditional or sex therapist;
  • you are using sex to escape from other needs or responsibilities in your life.

This group coaching experience is NOT sex therapy. I will NOT provide instruction in particular sexual activities.  Instead, I will give you tools so you can do your own explorations to discover what works best for you. All group members and the facilitator will remain clothed during the group calls.



The cost for the seven-week beta coaching circle is $249.

This is the only time this program will be offered at this price.  As part of this reduced-cost beta, you’ll be helping me fine tune this coaching circle experience!

There will be two groups running concurrently:

→ The Tuesday cohort will meet at 7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific beginning Tuesday, Aug. 13 (final session on Sept. 24).

→ The Wednesday cohort will meet at 10 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Pacific beginning Wednesday, Aug. 14 (final session on Sept. 25).

Each group will meet via video conference for 90 minutes once a week.  You’ll have access to a recording of every call for your cohort.  If you’re unable to join us for a particular session, you can send in your question and I’ll answer it live on the call and you can listen back on your schedule.


Your 5% BRAVER registration comes with a 7-day money back guarantee from the time of purchase (unless you’re registering within 7 days of the program beginning.)  After seven days, your registration is transferable to another qualified person until the day of the first call for your cohort (the application for the transferee must be approved by Leah in advance of the first call.)  Once transferred, there are no refunds because I cannot refund money to someone who did not make the original purchase.

Due to the limited number of seats and the highly-personal nature of this program, there is no money back after the program begins.  HOWEVER, I believe in this program SO MUCH that I’ll make you a deal – if you attend and participate fully in all seven video calls and, at the end of the program, you feel that you have gained absolutely nothing of value and I’ve completely wasted your time, let me know.  I’ll refund your registration price IN FULL.


Are you ready for better communication, closer connection, and more fulfilling sex? It’s all available to you by getting just 5% BRAVER.

Seats in this coaching circle are limited, so REGISTER NOW!


→ Working with Leah has been nothing short of liberating. In just a few sessions I have already learned to ask for what I want and ask for what I deserve, and have put new concepts and skills into practice immediately. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but never too far. I always feel safe, respected, and trusting in my conversations with her.   ~ N.S.

→ Through my coaching sessions with Leah, I learned how transformative it is to talk about sex! Not just that it’s okay, but it’s necessary for a healthy sexual relationship. Even though I’ve experienced other coaching and feel close with my female friends, I realize how much I’ve sidestepped direct conversations about sexuality. Leah helped me explore this arena with great insight and compassion.  ~ Rebecca

→ Please talk to Leah! You will (finally!) get to talk about and explore your sexual desires, your proclivities, your blind spots and your most intimate sexual needs with someone who is fully present, non-judgmental and deeply wise.  ~ A.I.