The world is filled with confusing messages about sexuality.

I’m here to help sex make sense.

You have a right to joyful, fulfilling sex.
In private coaching, workshops, and classes, I help you
get in touch with yourself
so you can feel great touching others

There are tons of reasons you might want to work with a sex coach. Do any of these sound like you?



You love each other and have a great relationship …
but sex isn’t what you want it to be

“I love everything else about our relationship, but our sex life never seems to click.”
You’re not alone. None of us learn how to communicate about sex, so it’s near-impossible to address any issues that might crop up (and they do for everyone). Over the years, those issues grow and fester. The longer the disconnect lasts, the harder it is to address it.

I create a safe space for you to share your hurts, fears, and desires.
You’ll both be received with love and support.
I am here to help you find each other again … even better than the first time.

You’re ready to try something new …
and you want someone to hold your hand

I couldn’t have taken all the risks I did on my sexual healing journey without support. I was brave because I knew my coach always had my back. If I made a fool or myself, or I fell back into old behaviors, I knew she would be there to help me pick up the pieces.

I am here to hold your hand, mirror the truest parts of yourself back to you, cheer you on,
pick you up when you fall, and encourage you to reach for your truest desires.

You know the taboos about sex aren’t true …
but you’re not sure how to stop believing them

It’s normal to experience same-sex attraction. Women can have high sex drives, and men can have low ones. Getting or staying “hard” doesn’t define your masculinity.

Intellectually it makes sense – you could even do a lecture for your friends about why these things are true. But when it comes to believing them for yourself, things get hairy pretty fast.

It takes time, practice, and support to fully integrate new ideas.
I’m here to help you re-pattern your beliefs so the cultural bullshit doesn’t run your life anymore.

You’ve read the books and done the exercises …
but they left you more confused than ever

Here’s a secret: The best way to sell a book is to have THE answer that’s right for everyone. But you’re an individual, not an idealized avatar created by the author of that book. When it doesn’t work for you, you believe you’re the failure because THE answer works for everyone but you. The problem was never you.

My work is designed to see you as a holistic person with a unique set of beliefs, behaviors, and desires.
Our work is all about you, not about selling more books.

Not sure if working with me is right for you?

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