Indulge in an evening of no-holds-barred girl talk!

Remember how fun it was to have a sleepover in high school to do each other’s nails, braid each other’s hair, and gossip about kissing and relationships?!?

What happened to those conversations?

You probably only get to have them on those rare occasions when the kids are at the grandparents, and you’ve got a whole evening with your girlfriends and a couple bottles of wine.

Now you get to have that same fun again – a whole luxurious evening of girl talk.  A no-holds-barred evening of girlfriends talking about sex, relationships, toys, kink, orgasms … anything you can think of, we’re going to talk about it!

Even better, we’ll do it in a way that preserves social distancing AND gives you a night of connection and intimacy during this time of isolation.

Three women in their PJs

Introducing the Good Girls Talk About Sex PJ Party!!!!

An evening of no-holds-barred girl talk in a safe space with like-minded women

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Here's what to expect for your PJ Party:

During the PJ Party where we’ll spend two hours on Zoom.

Every PJ Party is intimate – no more than 7 people per group.

You can register with your best friend for moral support, or register by yourself so you can ask your deepest questions without anyone ever finding out!


  • Before we get together, you’ll have a chance to tell me which sex-and-relationships topics interest you most.
  • Join the Zoom call in your comfiest PJs – there’s no need for makeup or fancy backgrounds!
  • Make sure to bring your favorite snacks and beverage (wine and hot chocolate are both popular choices)
    • Round of introductions and a getting-to-know-you game
    • Free-flowing conversation about the topics that interest the group
    • A closing exercise so everyone leaves feeling seen and appreciated
Six women in their PJs on a Zoom call attending one of Leah Carey's PJ Parties

It’s a fun and moving way to connect with other women through our experiences of being a woman.

Hi, I'm Leah!

As a sex and intimacy coach, I talk about sex every day. But I wasn’t always like this.

Thanks to a lack of good sex or relationship education, I had no idea how to choose an appropriate partner, how to communicate effectively, or even how to find pleasure in my own body.

I craved great sex, but hated sex when I was having it – it was often painful and always boring.

But I didn’t talk about this with my friends because I was sure that I was completely alone and didn’t want people to look at me with horror or pity.

At age 42, I had a profound sexual awakening (you can read more of that story here) and began talking to my girlfriends about sex non-stop. Not only had I not been alone in my years of despair, they were also craving real, open, vulnerable conversations about sex!

We all wanted a place to talk about things that are usually taboo, ask questions about things we didn’t understand, and find companionship in knowing we’re not alone.

And that’s why I started these PJ Parties!

Leah Carey in PJs

Leah has such a soothing and graceful way of making everyone feel safe and allowing us to open up and bond in meaningful ways.

How you'll feel after the PJ Party:

Every time I host a PJ party, the participants talk about how nourishing it was to spend time talking with other women about things that are usually taboo.

But don’t take my word for it … here’s what they say in their own words:

❤️ “TMI and FYI: I had my first internal orgasm last night and I completely credit your magic. Something about the PJ party just awakened something in me!”

❤️ “Leah – What an encouraging evening, my heart is full and it’s such a happy thing to feel in the midst of this pandemic. What a wonderful and diverse group of women, it was beautiful to see everyone come together to share. Thank you for being such a kind, warm, calm and wise guiding presence. I had a great time!”

Woman in PJs sits on floor in front of a sofa smiling

Things you may be wondering:

I want this party to be available to people at all income levels! For that reason, I offer tiered pricing:

  • $50 – Regular price
  • $25 – For those experiencing financial challenges
  • $60 – For those who want to pay it forward and donate to cover the cost of others

PJ Parties are generally casual with lots of laughter – after all, it’s a group of women in their comfiest PJs sipping wine and nibbling snacks!

Sometimes things get serious because – let’s face it – sex and relationships aren’t always a bowl of cherries. But at some point the conversation always turns to sex toys, and that’s good for a laugh every time!

You’ll have a chance to ask questions and talk about the things you’re thinking about.  You’re also welcome to remain quiet – there is no requirement to speak if you’re feeling shy.

We’ll talk about lots of sexy topics, but this isn’t a space where sexy things happen. You won’t be propositioned or asked to do anything sexual. Everyone’s clothes will stay on throughout the party.

This is a no-holds-barred evening talking about sex, relationships, toys, kink, orgasms … anything you can think of, we can talk about it! When you register, you’ll have a chance to tell me which subjects you’re most interested in chatting about.

PJ Parties are held the last Thursday of each month, with adjustments to the time of day so people in different time zones can participate. The schedule and registration for the next few months is at the bottom of the page. If you can’t attend any of these, sign up for my email list to get updates when registration for new parties are opened.

Parties are two hours.

One of the special things about the PJ Parties is that it’s a really really safe space. To create that safe container, it’s important that everybody start the evening together, so late arrivals are not allowed.

If you need to leave early for any reason (planned or unplanned), that’s fine. Unfortunately I can’t refund money for early departures.

OF COURSE! All I want is for you to be comfy and cozy. 🙂

YES! All activities are completely consent-based, meaning you can participate as little or as much as you are comfortable with.

In the sex-positive community, we say that “Observation IS participation.” Just being in the space of these conversations can be hugely empowering, even if you never speak.

Please join us!

This is an open and affirming space for people of all races, religions, backgrounds, ages, body types, etc. For more on this, click here.

YES! This is trans/non-binary friendly space. To read my gender inclusivity policies, click here.

My specialty is working with people who were socialized as little girls, but trans women are always welcome.


It’s my job to make this a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and accepted.  I promise that the vibe of these parties is one of acceptance – and if you feel otherwise, I’ll give you your money back.

Also – I’m willing to bet your fantasies/activities aren’t nearly as unusual as you think they are. 😉

Definitely! This is a great place to have open conversation about your curiosity, learn about things you might want to try, and be supported in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Absolutely! You don’t have to have a partner to have a relationship with your sexuality.

Absolutely not!  Just like in sex, you get to set the boundaries that you’re comfortable with for the evening.  Listen as much as you like and participate as you are comfortable.

I hope that this PJ PARTY will be fun for all involved, but if something happens during the evening that causes upset for you, we’ll make space for you to be where you are.

(Psst – Here’s the thing about our secrets: we’re terrified to share them because we might be judged. But the opposite happens – you share your secrets, and you find a deeper sense of closeness and connection with the people you love.)

🎉 Join us at the next PJ Party!! 🎉

Upcoming parties are scheduled for:

On hiatus for the summer – fall dates available soon!

Other things participants say:

This is a super fun opportunity to get some gal time! Swap juicy stories, play fun games, and aaaaaalllllll the giggles! Leah is a wonderful facilitator. 13/10 would recommend!

I had a really lovely time conversing with everybody and it felt super inspiring and nourishing.

You’ll be transported to a most fun, enlightening and engaging experience that your younger self would have longed for. And you’ll get to meet one of the most exceptional woman facilitators for creating a safe place to feel seen and heard.

Woman in PJs types on her laptop computer

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