United States2019-10-035loveyourself83Awesome!!I honestly love what you are doing! It is so important!! It's very empowering for women to get to hear from other women about their sexual journeys! I'm addicted to the podcast!! I feel a kinship to each of the women who have been on the podcast!! Thank you Leah!! You're such a great host!!
United States2019-09-165beerherrBright and ShanaHow likeable Apple has this for Podcast listeners that are pleased by her talking about sex also answering and interestingly speaking to her guests with great meaning/demeanour
United States2019-07-015CC5988Open and honest, real and relatableLeah is both friendly and professional in her interviews with a diversity of real women. I love hearing their stories and being able to relate to so many things they discuss. Thank you for opening up this conversation. Keep up the good work!
United States2019-06-095redkat981Important For All. Women and men should listen.I have learned so much since I started listening to Leah and her guests. We all have a right to enjoy sex, and it is so important for us to communicate if that is not happening. Or even if it is, everyone likes to be encouraged! Not only does this open up the topic to communicate about sex and pleasure, but about communication in all aspects of a relationship. An open and non-judgmental space for women to gather and listen for encouragement and advice. I love it!
United States2019-05-105Marathonmom25Thank you for opening the conversationThis podcast is so important and has given women a safe space to discuss sex in a manner that’s supportive and non-judgmental. It’s so incredible to hear women feel courageous enough to share their stories, and it’s because of Leah’s gentle and caring method of listening. To women who are looking to join in an important dialogue, this is a must listen!!
Canada2019-04-205VMBM4A must listen to podcastLeah’s podcast has really encouraged me to change the way that I view sexuality. This podcast has given me the courage to begin to find ways to heal from past trauma and also to embrace my own sexuality as a woman. This podcast is very inspiring and informative. I highly, highly recommend this podcast for me and for women!
United States2019-04-1851moregirl77FinallyWe needed this years ago. So many things that go unsaid and you finally get to hear them from all kinds of women and it is incredibly enlightening. I felt understood listening to each one. As the mother of a young daughter,I'm so grateful to have found this to help me in educating her. Thank you, Leah!
United States2019-04-175piper.pack45The bestThe best sex talk ever
United States2019-04-065skyegal50Do Not Miss This Show!Leah Carey is an amazing interviewer and this podcast has some super interesting women--talking about sex! Every woman should listen, and so should men who are truly interested in how women think, feel, and react. You will absolutely hear things that will validate you, enlighten you, surprise you, and make you laugh and nod your head! Don't wait...start listening now!
United States2019-02-215DurhamhpLove it!Love this new podcast from Leah Carey! It’s time we start welcoming honest conversations about sex. Bravo!
United States2019-01-185MyssMayaFun, Real, and Relatable!Oh My Goodness! This podcast is EVERYTHING! I was smiling the entire time listening to their conversations. The discussions are so relatable and real and I felt totally validated. It’s sex talk without being vulgar or raunchy. Good girls do have sex and this is totally the place to talk about it!
France2019-01-185greatballoffireSuch an important conversationLeah opens these women up in ways that is so frank and so real. These are the conversations that every woman wants to have or has had with her closest girlfriend and now we get to hear them up close and personal! Can't wait to hear the others!
United States2019-01-175Di TayanA wonderful, intimate conversationI loved the first two episodes of this podcast! It’s so powerful to hear women speak about their sexual lives in a open and honest way. The good, the bad, all of it. Host Leah Carey asks the kind of questions that I’d be too shy to ask my own girlfriends, but have wondered. If you are interested in the inner lives of women, you will enjoy this.
United States2019-01-175jessikneelandCan’t wait to hear more!I love love love the discussions I’ve heard so far on this podcast, and I can’t wait to dive in to the rest of the available episodes! ❤️
United States2019-01-175Dia D.Thirsty for this podcast to launch!🎉🎉
United States2019-01-165Stoopac_SCPSExcited to hear from the "good girls"I am genuinely looking forward to hearing about sex from this perspective.