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Transforming Your Body Image

A journal of the WREN Rural Entrepreneurial Network
Winter/Spring 2011

Was I really fat in 7th grade? Not by a long shot. But it wasn’t what my body looked like that was the problem – it was what I thought it looked like and how I felt about it that caused me distress.

Adult or child, man or woman, in this celebrity-obsessed, media-saturated environment, we tend to hold ourselves to unrealistic ideals, especially if those attitudes are reinforced by the people we trust. It can be hard to remember that our self-worth doesn’t begin and end with how we look and what size jeans we wear.
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The Forum cover

As I forgive myself, I am able to forgive my dad
The Forum, the national journal of Al-Anon
Published May 2014

My dad and I had a difficult relationship. I vacillated wildly between love and hate. On one hand, he was a hero to many people, including me; on the other, he was a highly functioning, emotionally abusive alcoholic.
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Brandeis Magazine

The Fat Side of the Equation
Brandeis Magazine
Published Summer 2011

“Do you have to pay extra on your taxes because you’re fat and ugly?”
It sounds like the taunt of a schoolyard bully, but in fact this question came from a woman whose only concern was to help me stop torturing myself.

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