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Leah Carey is a transformational workshop leader, author, speaker, and life coach. She is also a journalist for a daily newspaper covering approximately 50 communities in northern New Hampshire and Vermont.

Far from being born a natural optimist, Leah spent over two decades struggling with chronic depression, believing that no matter how hard she worked or how much she accomplished, she was never good enough and no one could ever understand.

She now shares with audiences the answer that saved her life: sharing our stories helps us to release shame, build community, and increase effectiveness and resilience.

She has been published in books, magazines, medical journals, and on many internet sites on a variety of self-empowerment and personal development topics.  She is the author of two books, You Are Not Alone : Stories from the front lines of womanhood and Transforming Your Body Image : A journey to loving your body.

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Book Info

You Are Not Alone

TITLE: You Are Not Alone : Stories from the front lines of womanhood
AUTHOR: Leah Carey
RETAIL PRICE: $14.99 US (Trade paperback) / $9.99 (Kindle)
ISBN-13: 978-0692285619
PAGES: 182
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Almost every woman knows the experience of feeling unsafe, whether it’s on the street, in her office, or even in her home. In the summer of 2014, ten women from around the world came together to tell stories of womanhood – both about harassment and assault, but also about their hopes and vision for a healthier future. This book is their treatise to the world: We are women, and we matter.

This book speaks to both genders. For women, the stories demonstrate that no matter what you’ve experienced, you are not alone. The stories will help men to understand what the women in their lives are experiencing and how they can participate in ending gender violence.  It is a reminder of the importance of practicing respect in all our encounters.

Transforming Your Body Image

TITLE: Transforming Your Body Image: A journey to loving your body
AUTHOR: Leah Carey
RETAIL PRICE: $8.99 US (Trade paperback) / $3.99 (Kindle)
ISBN-13: 978-0615687070
PAGES: 144


Transforming Your Body Image is a 40-day guided journal experience that helps you feel good about the body you’re in, rather than believing you have to lose 20 pounds or get a nose job to be beautiful. This gentle 40-day process has been designed for your SUCCESS!!

* Discover why you feel the way you do about your body (you may be surprised by what you find!)
* Identify easy steps that you can take to feel better about your body and yourself
* Feel inspired and empowered to transform YOUR body image!

All in just 20 minutes a day!

Recent media appearances

New Book Explores Womanhood In Ten Voices
The Caledonian-Record
Published Oct. 10, 2014

When an innocuous looking man holding a puppy needed a ride, I stopped to help him. He rewarded my decency by pulling a knife on me and telling me to take my clothes off. When I said no, he appeared completely baffled, as if this outcome had never occurred to him. And frankly, it had never occurred to me either.
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Mindful Reader: Despairing lives, an epic journey and #YesAllWomen

The Concord Monitor, Sunday edition
Published Nov. 9, 2014

Northern New Hampshire author Leah Carey noticed a burst of hashtag activism on Twitter in the wake of the Isla Vista shooting last spring; the shooter “blamed his misery… on the fact that women refused to be intimate with him.”
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Exploring the experiences of women around the world

WCAX-TV, The :30
Aired Nov. 14, 2014

BURLINGTON, Vt. – A new book explores what it’s like to be a woman through the stories of 10 women from around the world. Leah Carey put a collection together. She’s from Littleton, New Hampshire and is an editor at the Caledonian-Record in St. Johnsbury. She joined WCAX to talk about her inspiration for the book and to talk about the research process behind it.