I want you to know... You Are Not Alone

Transforming Your Body Image is a 40-day guided journal experience that helps you feel good about the body you’re in, rather than believing you have to lose 20 pounds or get a nose job to be beautiful. This gentle 40-day process has been designed for your SUCCESS!!

  • Discover why you feel the way you do about your body (you may be surprised by what you find!)
  • Identify easy steps that you can take to feel better about your body and yourself
  • Feel inspired and empowered to transform YOUR body image!

All in just 20 minutes a day!

Amazon reviewer

“I loved this book, as it provided me with the opportunity to look at and explore some very old thoughts and beliefs about my body and self that I may not have if it had not been for Leah’s writings.”
— Rev. Nancy Yeates

Amazon reviewer

” Well worth going through and having the joy of appreciating the journey. Reveals a lot of the peaks and valleys of our struggles with how we feel about our bodies.”
— Carrie