Living With Dying – Prologue

Living With Dying articles Prologue – Mother’s Day Published Mothers Day 2016 While we often acknowledge the people who are actively offering their time and energy in service to their community in this column, there are a million little ways that every person in our community makes a difference to someone else. Many times, we […]

Living With Dying – Part 26

Living With Dying articles A Year Of Living With Dying By Leah CareyApril 25, 2017 The conversations I’ve had over the past year – with both experts and “regular” people who have been through the death of a loved one – have opened my eyes to many ideas about death that were new to me. […]

Living With Dying – Part 25

Living With Dying articles Teaching The Next Generation To Face Death … And Life By Leah CareyApril 11, 2017 “Our parents’ generation were pretty carefully taught not to talk about death. Death is taboo … People don’t make plans until the health problems are knocking at the door. And they even ignore the health problems […]

Living With Dying – Part 24

Living With Dying articles One Family’s Journey Through Disease By Leah CareyMarch 28, 2017 Debbie was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 14 years old. It was the 1970s and children with leukemia often died at the time. Debbie was one of the lucky ones: she had aggressive chemotherapy and radiation that pushed the disease […]

Living With Dying – Part 23

Living With Dying articles Caregiver Exhaustion By Leah CareyMarch 14, 2017 Three caregivers recently sat around our conference table to talk about the stress and exhaustion that goes with being a primary caregiver. I agreed to use only their first names and not offer any specific details about them or their loved ones. LINDA Linda’s […]

Living With Dying – Part 22, online extras

Living With Dying articles The Marital Stress Of Having A Sick Child – online extras By Leah CareyFeb. 28, 2017 When a child gets sick, the entire family is affected. Nancy and Bill Hartwell talked with us about how they cared for their marriage while caring for their child. Marital stress When Zach first got […]

Living With Dying – Part 22

Living With Dying articles Helping A Child To Die, Part 2 By Leah CareyFeb. 28, 2017 EDITOR’S NOTE: In the previous edition of Living With Dying, Nancy and Bill Hartwell of Lyndon spoke about the sense of unreality that goes with losing a child to a terminal illness. This week we delve deeper with them, […]

Living With Dying – Part 21

Living With Dying articles Helping A Child To Die By Leah CareyFeb. 14, 2017 Helping a loved one to die is hard, no matter how or when it happens. But helping your child – the very embodiment of your dreams for the future – to die is a horror unthinkable for most people. For Nancy […]

Living With Dying – Part 20, online extras

Living With Dying articles The Making Of A Palliative Care Doctor – online extras By Leah CareyJan. 31, 2017 Both Joyce Dobbertin and Mary Ready became doctors as adults after having children. Both of them chose palliative care after profound personal experiences of loss. These are their stories in their own words, edited for length […]

Living With Dying – Part 20

Living With Dying articles ‘Do No Harm’ Can Be Confusing In The Face Of Death By Leah CareyJan. 31, 2017 Today we continue our conversation with the Northeast Kingdom’s best-known palliative care team, Dr. Mary Ready and Dr. Joyce Dobbertin of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. They have both had profound personal experiences that instilled in […]