I’m humbled every time a client allows me to into their very personal and intimate world.  I’m even more humbled when they send me words like this to describe the work we’ve done together …

  • I came to Leah curious. I felt sure that I had learned my role well – be agreeable, make good noises when things were going well, and either grit my teeth or squirm out of it when it wasn’t. It didn’t work well and I knew I needed to progress to real communication.

    What amazed me most about working with Leah is that she pushed me, asked me questions to really narrow in on my desires and boundaries, all in a way that I knew was FOR me.

    Talking so openly and safely about desires and specifics with Leah made it more possible for me to approach conversations with my partner. She has helped me to identify not only what I want to ask for, and how, but that I will NEVER have another consensual sexual encounter without this superior level of communication.

  • Leah is amazing. She made me feel supported and safe to share my deepest thoughts, fears and questions around sex. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been keeping things to myself - things that I felt ashamed of, and things that I was puzzled by. I came to Leah thinking I’ll learn some communication surrounding sex, in order to rekindle the intimacy in my marriage. I did learn communication, but Leah really paid attention to the emotional blocks I had too, and encouraged me in rebuilding emotional intimacy.

    I am grateful for Leah’s understanding, how she adapted to my pace and needs, and for the useful perspectives, insights and tools she offered.

    I came away feeling inspired and empowered to shape my marriage and sexual experience according to my desires and needs, with tools to explore my spouse’s as well. I highly recommend Leah’s sex coaching to start having a conversation and explore how this primal need can be met in a genuine and beautiful way.

  • Leah is very skilled at providing a safe, clear and consent-based container for coaching. This allows for true insight, fearlessness and healing to unfold. I felt seen and held. 

    I felt safe to explore aspects of my sexual life which I haven’t discussed with anybody before. Just having that conversation made me aware of so many desires I’d harbored and never acknowledged. It allowed me to see myself more clearly and take myself seriously as a sexual being (among many other aspects of myself) with its very own needs, desires, memories, dreams. I got to explore the notion of consent and understand its importance in creating and sustaining sexual intimacy. 

    Please talk to Leah! You will (finally) get to talk about and explore your sexual desires, your proclivities, your blind spots and your most intimate sexual needs with someone who is fully present, non-judgmental and deeply wise.

  • Leah holds a wonderfully safe space for healing to occur I feel I have new language and a broader toolbox to explore greater possibilities in my sexuality. Leah rocks!

  • Working with Leah has been nothing short of liberating. In just five sessions I have already learned to ask for what I want and ask for what I deserve, and have put new concepts and skills into practice immediately.

    Leah is an amazing coach. She listens. She puts patterns together. She holds up a mirror and lets us see ourselves through her eyes. She is never judgmental. She meets her clients where THEY are, and fully customizes her approach based on what THEY need. She utilizes her own journey in service of others’ own.

    It’s that combination of the personal and the professional that makes Leah so compelling as a coach. She talks to you like your best friend, but also knows how to distill what you are saying in a way that most people cannot.

    Leah is patient. And she is a cheerleader, advocate, teacher, mentor, and friend.

    She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but never too far. I always feel safe, respected, and trusting in my conversations with her.

    I think what I love most about Leah’s work is that she deals at once with core, underlying issues as well as concrete, practical details (what exactly will you say, how will phrase this, what will you wear), helping to ease anxiety across the board.

    Leah has given me the permission to explore a side of myself I’ve never explored, and is both holding my hand and helping me find my own way. Thank you, Leah. You are changing my life by helping me overcome lifelong demons and embrace play, pleasure, and a strong sense of self-worth.

  • Through my coaching sessions with Leah, I learned how transformative it is to talk about sex! Not just that it’s okay but necessary for a healthy sexual relationship. Even though I’ve experienced other coaching and feel close with my female friends, I realize how much I’ve sidestepped direct conversations about sexuality. Leah helped me explore this arena with great insight and compassion.

    I didn’t know how to ask for what I wanted sexually before working with Leah. There’s an unspoken taboo for women to seek our own pleasure and ask for what we want. Leah lifted the veil of secrecy in a professional, pragmatic and playful way!

    Now, I feel empowered to share my concerns and desires around sexuality with a partner. I know how to express what turns me on and off, my intentions in a relationship, and my preferences for safe sex.

    I realized that I am ready to connect with a man on all levels — emotional, spiritual, psychological and sexual — and that open communication is an integral part of this. Leah helped me see what I want in a relationship and feel confident that I can experience it!

    Coaching with Leah is essential for every woman! I could talk with her about things that have baffled and perplexed me around sexuality. She legitimizes open communication and helped me find the right words for a love relationship. I cannot speak highly enough about Leah! She is intuitive, compassionate, personable, and she knows her business!

  • One doesn’t just talk about sex with anyone, but I know I can talk about it with Leah. And she will listen in the most compassionate way and respond with kindness, acceptance and compassion. Never did she make a suggestion that wasn’t followed with a “How does that sit with you?“ And if it didn’t sit well, we worked together on an alternative that matched exactly where I was at that time with that particular issue.

    Leah shared openly about her own experiences, which always made me feel like I was an equal. Like nothing was actually wrong with me (or my partner). That take-away alone is so valuable to me. After just three sessions, I had a new, positive attitude about my sexual relationship. Thank you, Leah, for guiding me there, ever so gently.