Coaching For "Real Men" listeners

Explore new realms of intimacy and vulnerability during sex

You listen to the Real Men Feel podcast, so here’s what I know about you:

  • Intimacy and connection are important to you;
  • You’re willing to acknowledge and explore your feelings;
  • You’re willing to walk through the discomfort of what you might find
AND you sought out this page, so here’s what else I know about you:
  • You want to be the best sexual partner you can be;
  • You’re ready to do the work to get there

When you work with me, I promise to help you feel safe exploring new depths of your sexuality.

I promise that no part of your sexuality is shameful, and you have it within you to be a fantastic sexual partner.

Coaching for "Real Men"

4-week package
$ 999 00
  • One 30-minute Zoom session per week (recording available if desired)
  • Access to me 5 DAYS A WEEK on WhatsApp (text or voice) so you can share and troubleshoot issues AS THEY'RE HAPPENING
  • Includes a 20-minute introductory Zoom call to get to know each other and establish your needs and goals
  • Additional 30-minute video chats available, as needed, at $75 per session
REMEMBER: This is a special offer for "Real Men Feel" listeners and I'm only taking THREE male clients, so book today!

I didn't think I "needed" a sex coach, and didn't quite feel comfortable with the idea of having one. I'm so glad I took the leap, because the space she's held for me and what I've learned has been profoundly impactful and transformative.

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The Discovery Call is a free, no-obligation 15-minute Zoom chat to talk about your needs and if we’re a good fit for each other.

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