Coaching Clients Say...

Working with Leah has not only helped my understanding of how I show up to sexual and romantic relationships, but even with platonic relationships and my relationship with myself.

Leah helped me in having difficult conversations with my partner to discuss how to get both our needs met. She helped with best timing for conversations, how to articulate what I really needed, and supported me with sensitivity and care. I know I would have continued to put off having these important conversations without her support.

Learning to communicate well about such intimate things as desire and consent have changed my life and the way I interact with my partner and the broader world.

Leah pushed me with amazing questions, narrowing in on the exact desires and boundaries that were right for me.

I have worked with therapists on and off for decades and I feel like I’ve gotten more out of working with Leah for one month than I have in most of my therapy combined. I’m so grateful!

I didn’t think I “needed” a sex coach, and didn’t quite feel comfortable with the idea of having one. I’m so glad I took the leap, because the space she’s held for me and what I’ve learned has been profoundly impactful and transformative.

After 15 years of sex-on-my-period being 100% off the table  because I thought I would be judged, I did it today. Thank you for having open and honest conversations that made me realize if we were both on board, nothing about it was wrong, and no one was going to judge me but me. 

Since I started working with Leah, I’ve  practiced enforcing boundaries and staying in touch with my feelings and needs when talking to people on different apps.

Leah made it safe for me to get down to specifics. Once I knew exactly what I wanted, I could ask my partner. Now I don’t have sex without that communication first.

Leah’s mixture of gentle accountability, curiosity, nonjudgment, and ability to hold space is remarkable. I feel safe, seen, understood, validated, and celebrated in her care.

Leah made me feel supported and safe to share my deepest thoughts, fears, and questions around sex. I didn’t realize how much I’d been keeping things to myself.

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