Jan 22

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The miracle of a picture perfect day

Today I had the great pleasure of driving through Franconia Notch (a mountain pass in northern New Hampshire) on a rare clear day.  Lately we’ve been living from one storm to the next, as is appropriate given that we live in ski country.  But today the ski was a bright blue, there were a few puffy clouds in the sky, and the trees were covered with snow that looked like powdered sugar.  It was a delight simply to look out the car window and see such picture/postcard perfection.

How to describe that particular shade of blue?  A few months ago when I got a little blue parakeet, I did a lot of research into names for blue.  I was trying to come up with a name for him that honored his amazing coloring.  I waded through cerulean and cyan, from Prussian to Egyptian, down to the depths of Palatinate and periwinkle.  Nothing seemed appropriate for my new little friend.  Finally I came up with the perfect name for him – Cinnamon.  No, it’s true, that’s not a descriptive for blue.  It is, however, the name of a bay on St. John in the Virgin Islands, the bluest water I’ve ever seen in my life.

So with this plethora of options at my command for the color blue, surely I should know just the right descriptor for the sky I saw today.  Alas, when I looked up at it, I could only think of one word – God.  Today, God was showing off all of his beauty in one place.  I’m so grateful that I was there to witness it.  A miracle of mountains, snow, trees, and sky.  True beauty.

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