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The miracle of being a writer

Picture it – December 31, 2010; Littleton, NH.

Here I sat at my desk with a published book, having been published in multiple national journals, facilitating workshops that help other people to write stories from their lives…and I didn’t think of myself as a writer.  I knew that I wrote well.  I knew that people enjoyed reading what I’d written.  I knew that I enjoyed writing.  But despite all of that, I didn’t think of myself as a writer.

Flash forward exactly 32 days.  Still Littleton, NH.  Still sitting here at my little desk.

And I’m a writer.

What made the difference?  This little blog is a HUGE part of it.  Simply the act of sitting down and writing each day – no matter how many people read it, no matter how much feedback I get – got it through my head that I am, in fact, a writer.  I think it’s the “doing it every day” piece that was so crucial for me.  Before I thought of myself as someone who could only compose when I was “inspired”.  Well, that’s still true – but now I’m finding that I have inspiration all around me.  I wrote a blog entry Every. Single. Day. during the month of January* and THAT, my friends, is an incredible miracle of consistency!  And even more miraculous, I almost always feel happier and more positive when I’ve finished writing for the day.

Thank you to Karen McCrocklin, JoAnne Young, Debra Steeves and the others whose words encouraged me to make my little miracle journal public.  Thank you to all of my friends and other readers who continue to encourage me with your Facebook comments and “Likes” and “Shares” at the bottom of the articles – yes, those little things really do mean a great deal to me.  🙂

So here’s to another month of miracles!!!  It’s on, February!

*Yes, the counter for January says 30, not 31 – I decided to keep one early entry private.  But I wrote!

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