Feb 02

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The miracle of persistence

Something I still need to work on is the etiquette of following up on calls and emails that haven’t been returned.  I have a bad habit of believing that if I’ve contacted someone and they haven’t responded, it’s because they’re not interested and don’t want to.  But that’s silly – how often does something on my desk go to the bottom of the pile when the next emergency shows up?  More often that I’d care to admit.  It’s not that I don’t want to respond to that email or return that phone call, it’s just that 20 other things show up in the meantime and I lose track.  Why do I assume that anyone else’s desk is different?

Last fall, I met a gentleman who may be able to help me make some valuable contacts.  He gave me a specific time period in which to contact him and I did.  And I didn’t hear anything back from him.

Instead of following up with him, I let this possibility fall away because I didn’t want to be too pushy.  I figured that if he wanted to contact me he would, so since he hadn’t he was no longer interested in helping.  Sheesh.  Not very smart, huh?

Well, long story short – I finally sent a follow up email last evening.  And what do you know?  Within 4 hours he had emailed me back and set up an appointment to talk.

Sometimes I insist on making things hard.  Thankfully last night I took an action and it turned out to be easy.  It’s a miracle and a lesson that I hope to remember.  And if I don’t remember, please kick me in the butt and remind me, okay?!

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