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The miracle of not needing to be right

It’s TWO MIRACLE SATURDAY since I didn’t get online to post yesterday.  Fridays are turning into marathon days and I was away from my computer from about noon til one in the morning.  🙂  But that didn’t keep me from thinking a lot about what I had posted the day before in The Miracle of the Pendulum.

Here is the deeper insight that I’ve had since posting that on Thursday…

I think it all comes down to the need to be right (or wrong, as the case may be.)

When I choose the path of aggressively defending myself and the territory that I’ve staked out for myself, I might justify it as “I’m going to stand up for myself!”  But what I’m really doing is trying to prove to myself and everyone else that I’m right – about whatever.  In those cases being right is more important to me than being at peace.

When I choose the path of laying down and playing the victim, I have made a commitment to being wrong.  In those moments, I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that other people like me – and that usually translates into making myself feel wrong so that they can feel right.  In those cases being wrong is more important to me than being at peace.

But it’s the third path that I’ve been exploring this last week that yields real dividends – allowing peace to be more important than being right OR wrong.

Sometimes it takes a real effort for me to step back and not respond when I want to defend myself, or to not offer myself up as a ritual sacrifice.  Choosing that road of peace requires me to be really present with myself and what my motives and desires are.  Thankfully it worked out pretty well this week.  Hopefully I’ll keep it in mind as I move through the next week and the one after that and the one after that…

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