Feb 17

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The miracle of the fire alarm

Oy.  I started cooking dinner.  I knew I had a couple of minutes before I needed to do anything, so I sat down at my computer to do just one little thing!!!!!  Next thing I knew, I had done about ten little things and my fire alarms were blaring.  And they wouldn’t shut up.  I reset them.  I took the batteries out.  I did everything short of tearing them off the ceiling and throwing them against the wall because they wouldn’t stop screaming. The smoke in my apartment was so thick that things across the room looked kind of fuzzy.  I opened every window in my apartment.  Poor little Cinnamon is sitting shivering in his cage.  I imagine if he could cover his ears with his wings, he would have done that as well.  I don’t suppose they have fire alarm sounds in the rain forest. Then again, I think inhaling smoke probably isn’t very good for a parakeet either.

So my apartment is now cold from the cross breezes amongst the five open windows.  The fire alarms have quieted down to just one cheep every 20 or 30 seconds.  And my intended dinner is now in the trash.

But you know what I’ve got?  An absolute faith that if there were a fire in the middle of the night, my fire alarms work!  They are so loud that, even in the middle of the night, they would darn well wake me up.  This from a girl who actually had a proctor jumping on her bed one night because she slept through a fire drill in her high school dorm…so I know of what I speak.

It looks like the smoke is starting to clear as I finish writing.  The smell will take a little longer to go away.  I need to remember to put the batteries back in the fire alarms when the smoke is completely gone.

Just as a reminder – have you checked the batteries in your fire alarms recently?  I’d suggest testing them the normal way, rather than ruining dinner to do it.  🙂

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