Mar 09

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A Toastmasters Miracle

Tonight I had the great pleasure of competing in my Toastmaster club’s International Speech and Table Topics contests.  I’ve competed in several contests before, but tonight’s had a special air about it.

Perhaps it’s because every one of the people I competed with is a top-notch speaker whom I admire.

Perhaps it’s because we’re all such good friends that we were giggling through even the most solemn parts of the evening.

Perhaps it’s because no matter who won, I knew that I’d be proud of our club and its representatives at the next level of competition.

But actually, maybe the truth is this – I had a good time because I knew that I’d done my best.  I worked hard over the last couple of days to prepare myself.  I took the time I needed to breathe and center myself before I spoke.  I focused on doing what I could do and let the rest take care of itself.  All of that allowed me to relax and have a really great time.

The fact that I got to share it with some of my favorite people was icing on the cake.  Tonight I’m sending gratitude and love to Angi Miller, Dan Mitchell, Valerie Cummings…and our newest friend, Bethany Laursen.  You guys ROCK!!!!

And it doesn’t hurt that I get to continue on to the next level of competition with Angi and Bethany.  What great company to be in!  🙂

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