Mar 14

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The sunshine miracle

Today was absolutely gorgeous – bright sun, blue sky, pretty white clouds, and a lovely temperature.

Early afternoon, I walked from the newspaper office to the courthouse to pick up last month’s divorce proceedings and small claims judgments.  I remembered that I’d need some cash to pay for the photocopies and that last month it had been about $5.50.  The $6.00 that I found in my purse should be enough – after all, February was three days shorter than January!

I had a lovely walk and was thoroughly happy when I got to the courthouse.  Where I found out that I’d need $7.50 to get all of the documents.  I’d heard a clerk speaking with someone else about money at the next window and could tell that they had some pretty stringent rules about payment.  I asked the clerk if I could take $6.00 worth of the documents with me and pick up the others later in the afternoon.  Much to my surprise, she told me to take all of them with me and bring the extra $1.50 next time I came by.

Which is how I had the great pleasure of walking to the courthouse not once, but TWICE today – bright sun, blue sky, and all!  Given that I wouldn’t have had another opportunity to go outside today, it was definitely a little miracle.  🙂

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