Mar 16

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The miracles of Karen

Today was a momentous day – the incomparable Karen McCrocklin made her debut on Hay House Radio.

Why is this such a big deal to me?  For a few reasons – the first is that she is making huge strides in raising awareness about LGBT issues and helping people to find inner peace with who they are. Hallelujah!  We need more of that in our world!

The second is that it demonstrates to me the beauty of the internet. Karen and I have never met in person and yet I count her amongst my  cadre of friends and supporters, mostly thanks to Facebook. We both attended the Hay House Movers & Shakers conference, but we attended it in different cities at different times. I’m not even sure how we hooked up the first time, but we became fast Facebook buddies and I’m so grateful. The internet is a bizarre jungle filled with mysterious creatures…and then there are oases of sanity, and in one of those places I found Karen.

The third reason is a bit more philosophical (is that the right word? At the moment I’m not sure but it’s all that’s coming to mind.) It has occurred to me more than once recently that while I admire the “superstars” of the personal development field – Wayne Dyer, Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Richardson, Caroline Myss, and the like – and I hope to follow in their footsteps, I can’t actually see myself playing in their softball game. It’s not that I think I don’t belong there or that I can’t play at that level…I just can’t imagine sitting down for lunch with any of them and chatting about the latest episode of Glee. That has bothered me a bit – if I can’t imagine it and envision it, am I blocking my own success?  In the last couple of days it occurred to me – no, that’s not the case. Instead, they are the first wave and they have paved the way for us – the second generation.

As much as I can’t imagine hanging out with “Wayne” and “Caroline”, I already do the equivalent of that with my friends and colleagues – Jeffrey, Michelle, Michael, Karen, and many others. I can completely imagine shooting the $*@! with any of them about Glee.

It’s not that I don’t have a place in the world of personal development leaders – it’s just that my place is with the second generation. And that has a lot of benefits – people like Dr. Dyer had to knock on a lot of doors and convince people that this deserved to be in the mainstream consciousness.  Now we can spend our energy doing the work, rather than convincing people that the work needs to be done. Thank you to our predecessors.  We owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude.

And thank you to Karen for reminding me today of all of these blessings.  You go girl!  You were AMAZING.

If you’re interested in listening to Karen’s show “Out from the Inside”, click here for the rebroadcast schedule. And one more little miracle – the grace and poise that Karen showed when she came back from the first break (after a bit of technical business caught her by surprise) was a delightful reminder to me that the moment of the hiccup is FAR less important than how we handle it afterward.  Brava.

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