Mar 17

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The Triple Crown Affair Miracle

For the past five years I’ve been a member of Toastmasters (if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a club to hone public speaking skills.)  I love the feeling of being up in front of people speaking, and I love that I have become  an appreciably better public speaker since joining Toastmasters.

The District Conference is one of the highlights of our Toastmasters year.

Valerie, Leah, and Angi

Last May, some girlfriends and I made the trip up to New Brunswick for the 2010 District 45 Spring Conference.  It was a very long drive but we had a BLAST together.  While there, we watched as an elite group of Toastmasters were singled out for having gained a Triple Crown.  That means they’ve accomplished three educational milestones in one year.  Most Toastmasters will achieve one or two in a year.  Doing three takes a lot of focus and drive.

Angi, Valerie, and I were so inspired by that ceremony that we made a pact to achieve a Triple Crown by this year’s District 45 Conference.  Adding to our investment in the project, this year’s District 45 Conference is being hosted by our home club in New Hampshire – no 10 hour drive for us this year!  And even more special, Angi’s mother Sue is our current District Governor.  Which means that we’ll receive our Triple Crown awards at our home club from our “den mother”.

I’m pleased to say that last night I completed the requirements to finish my Triple Crown.  I’m even more pleased to report that Angi and Val also completed their Triple Crowns within the last week.

I’m really proud of us.  And I’m reminded that sometimes letting a group support me and cheer with me can be even more fulfilling than doing everything on my own.  And yes, since I have a propensity to try to do everything on my own, you can quote me to me on that particular subject.

Next stop for the Three Musketeers – tiara shopping. 🙂

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