Mar 31

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The miracle of clarity

Tonight I was talking with my very dear friend and mentor Rev. Nancy.  For the record, she’s not a churchy Reverend.  It’s a title that she earned and that I use with deep respect, but she is so far away from the typical image of a Reverend.  She’s irreverent, funny as hell, and one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Anyway…back to the story…tonight I mentioned to her that I’ve been going back and forth on whether to join a particular service.  I had all sorts of arguments in my head for and against and I’d been driving myself just a tad batty for the last couple of days about whether or not to take action.  As I started to tell her about it I said, “I know you’re going to laugh at me for going so crazy about this.”  She didn’t disappoint me.

After controlling her laughter she said to me, “So why don’t you just do it?  What do you have to lose?  What might you gain?”

Really, it was that simple.  But I couldn’t get out of my own way enough to see it.

When I was at Inner Visions, we would often joke about being “alone in our heads without adult supervision.”  This was a clear case of exactly that.

Thank goodness for the Rev. Nancy’s in the world.  Thank goodness for those people who AREN’T inside my head, because they can listen for the truth rather than getting distracted by the nonsense.

Tonight I’m so grateful that I have people like Rev. Nancy, my mom, Sue, Judi, and my other friends.

It’s also nice to know that, when the tables are turned, I can be that person for the people I care about too.

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