Apr 12

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The Las Vegas miracle

One of my favorite cartoonists - you can see his full collection at http://www.offthemarkcartoons.com

Something must be wonky in the stars – it’s been another tough day. Definitely good, but emotionally rocky. A friend was talking this weekend about how each year a snake sheds its skin and it’s not a comfortable process. It has to wriggle around between rocks to create enough friction to loosen that which it no longer needs. There’s no zipper or eject button. That’s what the last few days have been like for me – building friction, wanting to jump out of my skin. Not always easy, but definitely a move toward the future.

Recently I’ve gotten lazy about monitoring my NetFlix queue, so it’s a surprise every few days to see what shows up in the little red envelopes. Today I got the first disc of the first season of the TV show Las Vegas. It was exactly what I needed tonight – something to watch that didn’t require any brain processing at all. Just an evening to zone out and be entertained. I’ll have to update my queue so that I get the second disc some day soon!

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