May 06

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The miracle of knowing I’m not alone

This has been kind of a tough week.  Nothing bad has happened, but I let myself get overtired.  When I get overtired, I tend to get easily overwhelmed.  This week, I have been the Queen of the Overwhelmed.

Last night, I was too emotionally strung out to do a Miracle Journal posting.  Frankly, I didn’t think anyone would notice.  I was in one of those places where I was having thoughts like, “No one cares. Why should I bother? What does it matter anyway?”  Yep, that pretty much covers the big baddies for me.  Throw in an “I’m fat and ugly” and a “I’m unworthy” and you’ve got yourself a royal flush.

This morning, I got a couple of messages saying, “What happened?  I didn’t get my Miracle Journal email this morning.”  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  I’m so grateful to those of you who reached out.  In those moments when I feel so lonely in the midst of a crowd, knowing that I’m not alone in the world is the greatest miracle I could have asked for.

Today was a little better, and after another good night’s sleep I’m sure that tomorrow will be better yet.  I’m now going to lay down the Scepter of the Overwhelmed and just be regular ol’ me again.

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Leah Carey

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