May 08

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The miracle of remembering what I do here

I’ve been so wrapped up in the craziness going on in my head and in my world for the last week that I forgot to do the very basics…acknowledge the really cool stuff (ahem – miracles) that happened this week.

So here goes – a smattering of how cool life really is when I get out of my own way:

An article that I wrote was accepted for publication by my university’s alumni magazine.  I’m SUPER excited!  It will be available online so I’ll let you know when it’s published.

A captain in the state National Guard system wants to talk with me about the military program I’ve been trying to put together for the last six months.  This project has been through lots of fits and starts as I keep bumping up against military protocol that I’m not familiar with (and that can be quite intimidating).  I’m hopeful that this might be a big step forward.

I finished my second Business Watch column for the Caledonian.  I thought the second one would be easier than the first – I was wrong.  But I submitted it on time and it was published, so all is well with the world.  🙂

I’m doing a presentation tomorrow at a big health conference for women.  I’m presenting some new material on body image and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s received.

Since starting the new Miracle Journal Facebook page, a whole bunch of people who I DON’T KNOW have been joining!  Which is awesome because it means that the word is spreading.  Yay!  Thank you new friends!

            Wishing you a week full of wonderful miracles!!

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