May 22

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The magazine article

Apparently God has decided to stop dropping little hints and has gone so far as to put an article in a magazine to get my attention.  Yes, sometimes I really am that dense.

After I had so much fun talking with people I didn’t know at last night’s party it would be reasonable to expect that I would want to find ways to step further out of my comfort zone.  Except that I sat in my apartment working for most of the day today.

Recently I started getting unsolicited copies of the magazine Prevention in my mailbox.  It’s not a subscription I’d pay for, but I’m perfectly happy to read it as long as they’re sending it for free!

As I thumbed through the copy that came yesterday, I found this little box: “Shed Your Shyness”.  Now I don’t think of myself as an overly shy person (anymore), but I don’t think of myself as a life-of-the-party girl either.  I could so easily have skipped right by this little quarter-page article, but for some reason I stopped and read it.  And here’s what I read:

“Here’s another reason to shy away from shyness: Outgoing people are actually perceived as more attractive, according to a new study. So if you want to turn a few heads, don’t worry about what’s in the mirror. An extra dose of socializing may be all you need to let your beauty bloom.”

Very interesting.  And it makes so much sense.  At parties, it’s the gregarious girls who get a lot of attention, and it’s not necessarily that they’re the prettiest.  But they are the ones who are most open to interacting, so people interact with them.

Perhaps that natural kind of gregariousness is really about trust – trusting that people will like you and want to be around you.  Which gives me a lot of hope, because it means that it’s something that can be developed, rather than being a trait that’s inborn or part of the genetic code.

Point taken, Universe.  I’ll work on it.  Thanks for putting an article in a magazine so I’d get the message. 🙂

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