May 25

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Feeling misunderstood – 20 years later

I had an amazing day today.  First, I was interviewed on a national radio show by my buddy Karen McCrocklin – how cool is that?  Um, pretty massively cool.  🙂 If you missed it, you can listen by clicking the audio to the right that says “Listen to Leah on Hay House Radio”, or by clicking here to listen at my website.

When that interview finished, I got to go take a tour of a Christmas Tree farm and interview the estate manager, Nigel.  Oh my gosh – I didn’t anticipate how much fun I would have.  But I did.  Super cool estate and Nigel was a great host.

And then on top of all that, here’s what really caught my attention today – Edie Brickell.  Perhaps that name rings a faint bell in your mind.  I think the last time she was in mainstream music was in the early to mid-90s. Today I heard her song “What I Am” on the radio – a flood of memories came with it.

When I went to boarding school in Vermont as a high school freshman, I was so naive and sheltered.  There were two girls who quickly became my best friends – Maia and Kristine.  They probably have no idea how much they taught me and how much their friendship meant to me.

One of my very vivid memories is that we went to an Edie Brickell concert.  I didn’t really know her music and I wasn’t a regular at pop concerts. I had no idea how to conduct myself.  Once again, my girls showed me the way.  I ended up having a great time.  We drifted apart as the end of high school neared, but today they remain cornerstones in my mind.

After the concert I purchased the Edie Brickell album Shooting Rubberbands at the Moon and played it a lot.  My father badgered me: “What do these lyrics mean?  This is drivel.  It doesn’t make any sense.”

But to me, it made complete sense.

“Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box / Religion is the smile on a dog”
“Choke me in the shallow water / Before I get too deep”

I so get that.  My dad thought it was gibberish. I felt like every word on that album was written to me.

The miracle in all this?  Thank goodness Brickell was there to help me work through my teenage angst, separate myself a bit from my dad’s opinions on everything, and feel connected to something.  Every generation feels misunderstood. Whether it’s a singer, actor, writer, or friend, I’m grateful for the people who speak to and for the next generation.

I really, really don’t get Ke$ha but there’s some kid out there who really, really does.  And thank goodness.

I’m going to try to be less judgmental when I hear those lyrics that seem ridiculous or I can’t understand, because somewhere there’s a kid whose life is better because of them.

As for the Maia and Kristine – my life was infinitely enriched thanks to their presence.  I should probably find them and tell them that.  Thanks girls.  🙂


To the Hay House Radio listeners who are joining The Miracle Journal for the first time – welcome!  The post that Karen and I were talking about is here: http://www.themiraclejournal.com/2011/03/28/the-miracle-of-fluidity/ As I recall, Karen also issued a challenge to you to submit your own miracles – so get to it!  🙂

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