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The stage door

I’ve had a long and interesting career in various aspects of the performing arts, but there’s something I haven’t done in a lot of years – perform. Most of my work has been either back stage (as a professional stage manager) or in the facilitator’s role (creator, producer, director). It’s been eons since I stood on a stage and performed – other than public speaking, which seems like a slightly different animal to me.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt the bug starting to return. I considered auditioning for a community theater production that sounded really interesting. It would have required an hour drive each way for rehearsals, but I was intrigued enough that I thought it might be worth it. Unfortunately, I had already missed the auditions so I set that aside.

None of the other community theater shows struck my fancy, so I let it go.

Then a few days ago I ran into my friend Becky at a local market. She is another very creative off-the-beaten-path type and that’s primarily how we know each other. She mentioned that she’d be doing an acting class this summer and would I like to join? It was one of those lovely little gifts that the Universe dropped right in my lap – right time, right place, right person.

We had our first session tonight and it was a BLAST!!!  It’s been so long since I’ve been in a group where making stupid sounds and funny faces was something to be cheered on rather than avoided. I was so jazzed that I literally couldn’t stand still.

I’m so excited about this little adventure. I can hardly wait to see what will happen next!!  🙂

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