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  1. LaCre'

    Thank You for sharing my Miracle Journal; I feel drawn to do more writing and expressing of myself, for I kept repressed for many years without allowing myself the human experience. Here I am and ready to be more and Love harder.

    My SIncerest Gratitude!

  2. LaCre'

    Today I celebrate life here in Cyberland with the Miracle Journal. I am grateful how unaffected I have become by things and situations that would have one year ago made me want to hurt someone or beat myself up.

    Something very inappropriately was placed on my wall feed earlier today, and my hairs went up on my neck and my eyes bulged out; then I took action and pivoted from a quick embarrassed anger, to a matter of fact delete it and move on!

    It is a Miracle that I am taking control of my feelings and giving people, places and things that happen the value they deserve, without taking it personally or defending it anymore. “)

    Infinite Love and Gratitude!

  3. Leah Carey

    Bravo LaCre’! Absolutely awesome and I’m very grateful that you’re here sharing your miracles with us.

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