Jul 25

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A new friend offering a big gift

Over the weekend I had a really sweet little “right place, right person, right moment” miracle.

My friend Judi and I were attending a workshop together in Freeport, ME. Let me tell you – a day of walking around Freeport is definitely NOT a hardship.  What a wonderful place!  Once we’d had our fill of the outlet stores, we got directions to a little clam shack where we got some great food.  Then we headed off to sit by the water for a while.  The bugs had a good lunch on my ankles…but it was worth it.

Judi and I got to the workshop early enough to get front-row seats.  There was a single seat next to me.  Just as we were being urged to move so all the single seats were filled, a young woman came up and said, “Can I have that seat?  I’m here all by myself!”

Which is how I met the lovely Larissa.  I knew I liked her the moment I saw her and the more we talked, the more I liked her.  A few minutes into our conversation, I discovered that she had access to something that I’ve been trying to get for the last five months – a copy of my first appearance on Hay House Radio!  AND she was willing to send it to me.  All for the low, low price of an empty seat.  🙂

Today Larissa showed up in my email box to say hello.  A little while later a download link appeared.  Now I’m pleased to FINALLY be able to share with you the audio from the February 14 episode of The Beauty Blueprint, Michelle Phillips’ Hay House Radio show, on which I was a featured guest.  The show was a Valentine’s Day-themed “The Most Beautiful Date You’ll Ever Have: You!”

Click to listen (or go to the new Hay House Radio page to listen to both of my appearances):


Thank you Larissa.  You are a miracle and I’m so glad to have met you!

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