Jul 27

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Meeting people I admire

Having worked in some fantastic professional theaters, I’ve gotten to work with some pretty famous people.  They might not be household names, but in the world of musical theater, names like Terrence Mann, Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, and Cy Coleman are as good as gold. I was an immense fan of their bodies of work long before working with each of them.

Here’s the funny thing – except for a couple of moments when I first shook hands with each of them, I was never particularly star struck.  They were part of my professional world and I had a job to do.  Did I have the capability to be a goofy little fan girl?  Certainly.  But I never allowed myself to go there.

This week I’ve been assigned to write an article about the 75th anniversary of a local community theater group.  It’s been a lot of fun to work on it because it’s bringing my two worlds together.

And then today it happened – I got totally star struck.

By a man whose voice I know well, but whose face I had never seen.

Today I got to interview Mark Breen, who is the senior meteorologist and voice of the “Eye on the Sky” and “Eye on the Night Sky” programs on Vermont Public Radio. I’ve heard his voice for years and trusted his expertise. Today I got to sit down and talk to him for about 45 minutes … and for the first several I felt like a schoolgirl! I was all fluttery and nervous.

Mark was a really easy guy to talk to and had some fantastic stories.  I enjoyed my time with him immensely.

It’s such a joy to meet personal heroes and discover that they’re really nice, solid people.  I count myself lucky that this has been the case more often than not for me.  The people I admire generally turn out to be worthy of that admiration when I meet them, and it makes me feel good about my world.

There was that one time, though, that I met Sigourney Weaver and was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t get anything out beyond, “Uhhhhhh….hi.”  And then I ran away.  🙂

Want to hear Mark’s most recent (and completely fascinating!) Eye on the Night Sky broadcast?  Here’s today’s: http://www.vpr.net/episode/51655/

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