Sep 10

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Home again!

Just returned from eight days in Colorado and New Mexico.  After being in a part of the country that is so drastically different from home, I’m finding that my eyes had begun to adjust to the flat and sand.  The first thing I noticed when I got home?  How many trees there are in New Hampshire!

When I walked into my apartment, I had the extremely strange experience of being surprised by everything that I saw.  It’s still all my stuff in exactly the places that I keep it – but somehow it all seems different.  The miracle…I get to see all of my things as new again!  And perhaps realize that I don’t actually need everything that I have…?

My mom picked me up at the airport tonight and on our way home we stopped to get groceries.  On our way out I spotted this truck:

The picture isn’t great because of the reflection off the license plate.
The truck says “Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors, Moultonborough, NH, miraclefarmslandscaping.com

I love it! 🙂


Here’s another picture from the trip, with promises to tell more of the miracles from the last week when I’ve gotten some rest.  This is a picture from an amazing place called Echo Amphitheater in Carson National Forest.  As we walked up to the echo chamber, I noticed that trees are growing out of the rock formations and funny angles with what looks like very little natural support.  Sustaining life in seemingly inhospitable conditions…very cool!


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