Sep 26

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Another Monday

Exactly 14 days ago I recognized a pattern to my weeks at the newspaper. The biggest piece of it was that my Mondays tend to be low productivity days and I spent a lot of time worrying and beating myself up about it.

Two weeks ago, having noticed the pattern I had a less stressful Monday.

Last week I had an incredibly productive Monday…and then a useless Tuesday.  Apparently that day has to happen somewhere so my brain can get itself together.

Today I had an unbelievably stupid day. I just couldn’t get my brain out of the fog. Perhaps it was from too much dusting over the weekend.  🙂  Thank goodness there was mindless busy work to be done all day – otherwise I might have started drooling on my keyboard.  But the point is this – I never started stressing myself out about it.  I caught myself a couple of times starting to go there, but I was able to pull myself back and remember that this is okay.  I’ll still get all my work done.  People still like me, even on my less productive days.  My brain needs this time to sort, plan, and organize.  And the rest of the week will fall into place because I gave it that space today.

Another successful Monday!  Not a rock star day, but not a day to be ashamed of either.

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