Sep 29

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Small steps to achieving big things

You know how people say that if you do a little bit of cleaning each day, eventually a whole lot of stuff is clean?  I’ve never really subscribed to that – I’ve been more of a “give me a whole day and I’ll attack the whole job and feel overwhelmed and not finish it” type.

No, I didn't use any of these "green" cleaning products. But it makes me feel slightly virtuous to put their picture up as if I did. 🙂

But over the last week I’ve given my apartment a thorough cleaning by doing exactly that – a big start on Sunday and then some cleaning each morning and each evening.

And you know what?  My apartment is clean!  Cleaner than it’s been since the day I moved in.  There are a few things left to do – I still haven’t scrubbed out the refrigerator.  A couple small things still need to get put into the storage box that was put away before I found them.  But they’re minor details compared to the massive amount that I’ve accomplished a little at a time.

In other news – as part of the cleaning process, I moved Cinnamon’s cage to a different position in the living room. Now she’s sitting on a toy that she’s never paid any attention to before.  Interesting how a shift in perspective can change everything.

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