Oct 06

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Singing out loud

Last night I had to do some website client work when I got home from the newspaper, so MBE offered to make dinner (did I mention in last night’s post that he’s in town? Color me happy! :-))

While I was working, I turned on some music and started singing along.  I was so focused on my work that I forgot myself and was singing as if I were alone in the apartment.  At some point MBE turned to me and said, “I really enjoy hearing you sing.”

Wow!  That struck a nerve!

Years ago when I was working in theatre, I had a boyfriend who was a theatrical sound engineer.  When I would sing in the car or the apartment, he would say to me, “Please don’t sing.  I listen to good singers all day and you’re not one of them.”

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?!

OUCH!  I tried to explain to him that singing was something that I enjoyed and it made me happy, but he didn’t seem to care…and besides, the damage was already done.  I learned to stop singing when anyone else was around.  I even stopped singing in the car when I was alone.

A few years ago I made a conscious effort to start singing again.  But I guess I’ve still been pretty shy about singing in front of others. In my last relationship, I did sing some in the car, but I always felt awkward about it.

So to have MBE say to me out of nowhere, and with such genuine feeling, that he enjoyed hearing me sing…well that was pretty darn exciting!

Who knows…perhaps karaoke is next.  🙂

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  1. Jeffrey Sumber


  2. Leah Carey

    Thanks Jeffrey. 🙂 As I sang tonight while making dinner I kept thinking of this blog post…and I was so happy! Sending you a hug.

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