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An active mind

I have what could be generously called an “active” mind.  It is constantly thinking and creating – whether it’s creating the next great project I’m going to do or it’s creating some crazy drama is entirely dependent on the day.  But it is definitely creative.

That has always presented a problem for me when it came to activities that are meant to quiet the mind – meditation, for instance.  I’ve thought of that as a great failing on my part – that I haven’t had enough discipline to get my mind under control.

The other night I read something that so perfectly captured what I experience that it was amazing…and it offered me a new tool.

This is from the book “Way of the Lotus Flower: How To Heal Your Soul Field” by my dear friend Ellie Drew:

“There is a unique class of people who have brilliant minds that are naturally inclined to think of solutions day and night. These minds are busy thinking all the time. For what they bring to the world, humanity is very thankful. However if you are one of those people with a strong-willed mind, you will find it is both your blessing and curse, especially when directing it toward intangible, spiritual matters. Because your mind wants to know who, what, where, when, how, why, etc., it has a hard time – okay, nearly impossible time – settling down to do inner work without immediately popping in with its opinions or questions. …

The rub here is that in order for the mind to gather information about this intangible spiritual stuff, it has to give up control, it can’t be on guard to help you survive, thus violating its prime directive. …

If you know the mind is going to be busy thinking, whether you want it to or not, you need to learn how to work with its nature rather than fight against it.  Give it a focus. … the focus for the mind is to stay present to the task at hand; the discipline is getting the mind to stay focused on staying present.”

I realized what a big impact that had on me this morning as I did Qi Gong (on a DVD that’s also by Ellie Drew – I highly recommend her work!)

There’s a particular part in the practice where she says something along the lines of: “Reach out to the edges of the universe and imagine gathering everything you need toward you.” I’ve often had trouble staying present and focused because the concept was too vague for my mind to grasp.

But this morning I realized that if I concentrated on what specifically was coming toward me – health, career opportunities, financial freedom, love, etc. – I could very easily stay present and focused.

It works!  I just have to give my mind something concrete to focus on and it will play along!

What strategies have you developed to deal with an active mind?

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