Dec 13

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The scavenger hunt

With six weeks and 2,500 miles between us, Mr. Blue Eyes and I needed a time to have fun together.  We still talk for a couple hours most nights, but sometimes those conversations just serve to highlight the distance between us.

So I decided it was time to have an evening to laugh together! Play together! Be silly together!

I came up with the idea of doing a Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt while I was trolling the internet for fun things to do together.  I took their idea and embellished it. Basically we had a list of 30 items to find in 30 minutes.  We took photos of everything we found and then came home to share.

When I asked MBE if he’d like to go on a date with me to a dollar store, he became understandably nervous. 🙂 But after I explained what we’d be doing, he was game.

At the start time we both stood outside our respective dollar stores and had a “get ready, go!” phone call.  We each took a picture of ourselves outside the store.

It was ridiculous how much fun I had running around a dollar store for half an hour taking pictures of random things!

A couple of my favorite finds for the evening:

"Something other than food that you'd take on a picnic"

Something I'd buy for him - a million dollar chocolate bar, baby!

Something to illustrate a point from a recent conversation - this bag of nasty looking pork rinds is an indication of everything that's wrong with our food system. 🙂

Something ugly. SO ugly.

Sadly MBE had technical difficulties with transferring pictures from his camera, so I didn’t get to see his.  HOWEVER, that led to what was perhaps even funnier – him describing all his finds to me!  I think my favorite was that for “something to illustrate a conversation we’ve had recently” he got a box of crayons.  To illustrate.  Heh.  Heh heh.  🙂

As for the crowning achievement, here it is… the absolutely BEST book cover at my local dollar store:


Other highlights from our list:
Something you would buy a baby
Something edible from another country.
Something you would buy for me.
Something you would never, ever buy for me.
Something you would never show your mother.
Something that makes an annoying noise (be prepared to imitate the noise during our debrief!)
A greeting card you would send to me.
Something that made you laugh as soon as you saw it.
Something that reminds you of being a child.
Something that lights up.

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  1. Lisa LaPlante

    This is SUCH an awesomely FUN idea!!!!! I love that you two did this – I’m having such a fun time even just reading it!

    THE BEST long distance fun date ever!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Leah Carey

    Thanks Lisa! 🙂

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